Been asking for years for them to focus on my fatigue because I swore it wasn’t just normal fatigue years later finally got a sleep test and …Just got diagnosed with narcolepsy. Is it weird I wanna cry because I finally have answers for some of the stuff that’s been happing to me for years…

acute lethargy

Cataplexy & Narcolepsy

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  • sleepyk12


    Not weird at all... I wish I could get my doctors to look into my sleep issues more seriously, as they've escalated significantly over the past year or so. I believe I have some kind of sleep disorder... but it would be so relieving even just to know what's going on!

  • erinjaeger


    This is so relatable. My parents and doctors always thought I was overdramatic when talking ab my fatigue and how it’s my fault because I don’t exercise enough. When I got diagnosed with narcolepsy I was so caught up in the things they told me over the years that I didn’t believe it. But yes finally having an answer is both relieving and upsetting because I’ll deal with this answer for the rest of my life 🥲

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