once again throwing this out here. been dealing with a lot of pain due to my hip being in the wrong spot and I really need advice on dealing with the pain

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  • Cloudlight


    i will often stretch/re-align my hip by gently pulling my knee up to my chest with my hands under the crook of my knee. Absolutely listen to your body when you do this, though. If you feel any resistance, tension, or pain, DON'T force it. Avoid sitting if possible, especially for an hour or more at a time. Standing or laying on your back will keep your hips aligned, but sitting will put pressure on your joints to spread out just a tiny bit and risk coming back together incorrectly when you stand up. Heat, not ice, unless you're dealing with pain from inflammation as well, and regular gentle stretching whenever you have an opportunity to do so. Hope at least one of those can help you even a little! Good luck and be kind to yourself!

  • Caeda


    Finding a good DO that listens to me and my body is proving to be helpful. I had seen a DO for OMT before for a couple of years and each time I saw them they did the same 5 snaps and cracks and sent me on my way. I now think that practice increased my pain. I have seen a new DO twice and asked them not to do any cracking (HVLA) as my body can’t handle it. The manipulations are now gentle and targeted to where I need them at the time of visit with a noticeable difference in mobility each time. ❤️

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