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I’m looking into getting the omni pod or the tslim. I have a really lean build and not sure which one is better as for as cannula and insertion goes. I like how the omnipod would be automatic, like how the dexcom g6 goes in, but I’m already familiar with the sites for tslim since it’s the same company that makes medtronic’s. but I hate that I have to physically pull the needle out, it doesn’t just come out. anyone have any thoughts?

    • zellarius


      i love my omnipod! my first pump and i will never switch to a tube pump, the omnipod cannula goes in at an angle(not straight), you should weigh up the pros and cons for yourself for each pump👍

    • laffytaffy


      I LOVE my insulin pump and I don't know what I would even do without it. I've tried a few but I've only tried the ones with the tubing. I think that they hold more insulin. Pulling the needle out does suck but putting it in is the worst part. Once the insertion is over there a sense of relief and you don't really feel the needle coming out all that much as long as you hold the site down and slowly pull the needle straight out. Sometimes I have someone help me if someone is available. Either way it's all much better than taking up to 6 shots a day in my opinion. I'm not sure if there are any insulin pumps that automatically retract the needle for you but you could do some research on it! I hope that helps. Xo

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