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Hi all, this is my first time using this app. I was just diagnosed with Bipolar I with psychotic features, most recent episode manic. I had to spend 10 days inpatient being monitored while they figured out a medication regimen for me. I don’t remember a lot of the manic episode, but I know I said some pretty awful things. As a result, my 3-year relationship is on rocky ground and might end. How do y’all make amends (if possible) for manic episodes afterwards, especially ones that spun out of control?

    • toebeabs


      Ugh, I really feel for you, idk how many times I've started an argument or finished an argument becuz of bipolar. I wish I had some really good advice, however most of my relationships have ended becuz of my disorder and I honestly feel like I just got extremely lucky with my current partner (his sister also has BD1). But what has helped is just being honest with my partner and trying to express my feelings in terms of like core trauma or beliefs that could deeply explain my behaviors rather than just saying I can't help it it's my disorder (in my experience people think that I'm using the disorder as an excuse when I try to explain mental illness to them) plus personally I believe that there is some "method to the madness" lol but I hope you're able to work things out with your partner and hopefully you're not beating yourself up too much about being hospitalized, it happens to the best of us and I find those who were hospitalized the best 😉 and its hard to get back on your feet I know its still affecting me 7 mo later, but its never too late, there's always a reason to stay 💕

    • Derek20


      I think the best way to fix this relationship is to just talk honestly. I would take my partner to a conversation and explain my situation, tell him that what I said or did was under the influence of the disease and was not me who said or did those things. If your partner really loves you, then the problem can be solved. In my last manic attack, I also almost caused my marriage to end. Finally, after many conversations and couples therapy, we managed to bridge the gaps.

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