I have BPD and splitting is one of my biggest symptoms. An example would be thinking my boyfriend is the best person in the world one moment and then thinking he’s evil and hates me the next. How can I stop myself from splitting? What have you found to be helpful?

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Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • cjness


    For me I have to track my splitting. Notice how it has been happening. See that at some points he seems like the best. If you think about his good points, if you go over good times, it will help. An idea is to have a sweet, loving text conversation and look back at the text when you split. If you need me, PM me. I am always and open ear, an open book and an open heart.

  • nikkibritt03


    That sounds more like bipolar to me but for me I have to notice things that make me split and think about something good when it's good and evil

    • deathlost


      Bipolar doesnt have split moments like that

      • Layley


        border-polar does. I have both so it’s unfortunately possible, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but haven’t figured the answer out myself so I’m sorry OP black and white thinking makes it feel like the end of the world when you get the nothing part of the all or nothing. That and fear of abandonment are the worst part of the bpd

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