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So I was diagnosed in 2013 with lymphedema.I was never put on medication the only thing I was told was to wear compression socks & comfortable shoes. I have pretty much had a handle on it but this last flare up has lasted a week now & I can't wear anything but slides, I start my new job next week & can't even get my left foot into a real shoe. Someone plz give me some advice.

    • chicklit


      I was diagnosed with lymphedema Aug 2022, after going back and forth to doctors and then hospital, after having been prescribed antibiotics for over 6 weeks and my leg hadn't improved. At the hospital (after scans and ultrasound) they decided I had lymphedema. I was referred to the lymphedema clinic and received an appointment within 3 weeks. At the appointment I was told it looked as if I was at stage one, and that I probably been born with the condition. I was prescribed with below the knee closed toe garments; thigh length closed toe with waist attachment; flat knit thigh compression stocking and wrap to fit over to maintain compression for left leg as this is the worst affected leg. They do work but I feel like a trussed up turkey by the time all the garments are on! But my leg swelling has gone down and I can get my trainers on. I also have to loose weight as this will help. I have a wedding in August and aim to loose (?) 3 stone by then. And maybe I won't have to go trussed up like a Turkey! It's going to be a long road ahead!

    • Mrs.Rose


      I'm dealing with the same thing I can't get my shoes on my feet r so swollen

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