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Hello! Do any of you have memory problems because of one or more of your conditions? I need help on figuring out ways to improve my memory, as it began to heavily decline when I began having seizures.

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      I'm in a similar boat. What worked best for me was just documenting everything. If something was said in a conversation that seemed important I'd write it down with t I'll me and date (and sometimes who I was talking to) anytime I did anything like dishes or went out somewhere I'd write what or where it was and time and date, if I went out I wrote who, just not down everything. There was a time where I was forgetting up to 3-5 days, it would just be black, but I got into the habit of writing, so I just looked back at that and I knew what was happening. I'd even write "going out xxxx x:xx x/x/x" and then "got home from xxxx x:xx x/x/x", that way if I was out and about on a bus or something and I forgot what was happening, I could look in the bus and see "oh yeah, I was going to xxxx" or if I got home from say groceries but then forgot I I did that, I could look in my book and see that I did so I didn't go out and buy double groceries. Hope that helps, good luck

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