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I recently went off my 200 mg Zoloft that I was using to treat bad social anxiety and bad intermittent depression about 15 days ago. I stopped taking it because I was frustrated that I felt it was doing almost nothing to help me. After about five days of not taking it I suddenly felt on top of the world like I’ve never felt before. I was talking to people, I was excited, my mind was going a million miles and hour, I went on a spontaneous trip to the coast, and I’ve even discovered a major issue at my company that will save them thousands and thousands of dollars. I don’t think I could have done this if I wasn’t in this mental state. The problem is this is extremely out of the ordinary for me and I’ve been having very irregular sleep patterns, some nights only four hours of sleep and yet I feel great. Has anyone experienced this and I’m I headed for an inevitable crash?

    • Lovebird420


      I had the opposite effect from taking zoloft. Only 50 mg and i was in that mania you were explaing now that my doctor is tapering me off, now i dont have as much energy but the mania i experienced from the meds is a sighn of bipolar disorder so antidepressants make me so hyper that i had a hard time keeping my mouth shut. 200mg? If i took that much id probably do sonething crazy to put me in the slammer!

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