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Dude… Someone please tell me they relate to this because I haven’t heard anyone talk about how hard it is to get work done with iron-deficiency anemia. I swear my headaches, light headedness, and fatigue make it SO hard to get any homework done and I don’t know what I’m meant to tell my professors… Of course it’s not considered a disability so I can’t get accommodations for that and I feel like I wouldn’t be taken seriously considering it’s pretty common. I’m taking iron and I have been for a few weeks but I really haven’t felt any affects of feeling better yet. Anyone relate or have any advice…?

    • DragonLady47


      Hey there I just posted about the same thing but I understand I am going through this right now I get so fatigued just taking a shower. I have been so tired lately that I can barely lift my head to get out of bed. I hope that you have a good support system because I don't. I have to keep the house clean and cook and clean again. I have to walk up and down 2 flights of steps to do laundry, make sure that the fur babies have fresh water and food, clean the litter box and the list goes on. I used to have a lot of energy and because of this I had to take some time off of my volunteer position. It sucks every time I stand up I feel lightheaded and on top of everything I also deal with vertigo. I am so tired all of the time and all I want to do is sleep. So I do understand I hope this helps you to know you are not alone.

    • Jack38


      Hi, I had a pretty similar problem. I always felt tired at work, which led to a decrease in my performance, falling asleep early in the evening and impatience to my wife or children. At first I started taking iron and did not feel any improvement, I went back to the doctor and after blood tests it turned out that the dose given to me was too low and therefore the improvement was not as expected and they increased my dose. In addition, what helped me at the time was creating a schedule for myself that includes shorter work times and more frequent breaks, and more frequent food intake, which helped me maintain concentration and succeed in my tasks. I know it's not easy but I promise you it gets better and the iron works. Did you go to the doctor to check that the dosage is appropriate?

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