I was just recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Migraine (although I had suspected for a while) and am in the “Ok, now what?” phase. Any tips or recommendations for someone who was recently diagnosed?

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  • Olawola


    Support groups on discord are good!

  • KJ_


    Everyone doctor told me to learn to “accept my new normal” and I wanted to punch them right in their faces. I wanted my old normal back. A year into my journey - I get it now. I had to grieve the loss of how my body behaved before it happened. Every pain and twitch and tingle, I was so mad I could cry. I tried a lot of meds before going natural. I am ok. I am alive. I am breathing. People get cancer, we just get lifelong pain. I cut out fast food, and now every time I eat it - I have a flare up. I drink a ginger root/ fruit smoothie every morning, take turmeric supplements with meals, and after a shower I DOUSE my body in “muscle relief magnesium spray” that I add lavender to. I know these things sound like a hippie fad. I used to feel that way. Research, try everything, until you find what works. I really feel like those things help me tremendously.

    • Chesbro99


      I'm glad your able to find some relief

  • Goodvibez


    I’ve been diagnosed for about a year and still looking for something that works sustainably. The symptoms come and go for me, some days or months i’m fine, others i’m in a lot of pain. I’m currently having a flare following a deep tissue massage, it’s been 5 days of intense pain. Only Swedish massage from now on, I learned that it relaxes the sympathetic nervous system which is what people with fibromyalgia typically need. Deep tissue is not recommended even though it seems that it would help. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a medication or supplement that helps me yet but I’m still trying. I find what helps me get through the flare eventually is getting my mind off the pain as much as I can (that includes not doing research on my phone), reducing my stress to a minimum, resting a lot, meditating, doing light yoga/stretching, being in nature, going for a walk with a friend… doing all these things together for a bit and eventually the pain becomes less intense. I hope you find relief soon ❤️‍🩹

  • betweenthethorns


    Hey me too

  • PurpleLady


    Find support, lower your stress, and listen to your body!💕

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