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Any ladies have trouble with muscles swelling or getting knots the week before your period? I have Fibromyalgia and PMDD, and my neck muscles and shoulders knot up and swell with any kind of stimuli. It could be an exciting movie or goofing off with my kids, anything thats emotional or physical exertion, and my neck muscles swell almost like a bullfrog. Constant heat, dark, and quiet are all that helps. I just wanted to see if anyone else had something similar. My thyroid has been checked. I've had ultrasound and cat scan and mri. Nothings physically wrong, other than I'm a very emotionally sensitive bullfrog that hides in the dark half the month with hot packs on my neck and shoulders. Anybody else? Any coping methods? Anything?

    • DancingPittie


      Hey Aimless. Your exact symptoms sound very similar to what happened toward the end of my pmdd journey. About a year before I received a hysterectomy that caused a neck muscle spasm and post neck swelling. It stayed that way for seven months and caused me to have pins and needles sensations spasm down my back. This was what finally convinced my doctor that my cramps were severe enough for medical intervention as birth control caused depression and my ptsd episodes to kick in. I'm telling you this because I don't want another person to suffer. They checked my neck and I have degradation of all the c(neck) vertebrae. You may want to have this checked. To get rid of the pins and needles I ended up getting acupuncture after my car got hit. Before that they had me on 900 MG of gabapentin to *manage* my discomfort. If you wanna talk more please message me. The neck is no joke.

    • bptomboy


      Unfortunately i dont have this with my symptoms. I only get bloating in the stomach area per usual. All i wanted to say is i am sorry youre experiencing this and i hope your fibro decreases as well 💕

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