Does anyone have tips for acid reflux? I had it pretty badly for almost two days and it finally let up this morning. I take Omeprazole daily for the symptoms and when I’m having a flair up I take anti acid chews or Tums. Unfortunately my favorite foods and drinks can trigger it. I love coffee, soda, fast food and desserts. I don’t want to have to completely change my diet, that would suck.

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  • ClumsyWorm


    You may have to. I eat less of what triggers my reflux and it helps me a lot.

  • Kinter


    I take 40 mg Omeprazole daily for GERD- so maybe you just need to up your dose? Unfortunately avoiding trigger foods is a big part of management, but I've found that if I match trigger food with carbs it helps a ton! Wedge pillows are also helpful for sleeping.

  • luteallady


    Find your triggers and avoid them!

  • Shamalama


    I’m on pantoprazole in the morning and famotidine at night. So far the combination is working well for me.

  • Alijay


    One thing that helped me was putting my bed up on a wedge so it's at an angle and my head is elevated, so it doesn't get bad as bad overnight.

  • Elizalo


    Try avoiding them for a few months and then have them as a treat. It really makes a huge difference. Have you tried adding high quality probiotics like VSL #3? They also help me a lot.

    • Starsign


      I haven’t but I’ll look into it. Thanks

  • Lynnq


    I get you. Changing your diet sucks... but so does acid reflux! I would suggest trying to find what foods trigger you specifically and cutting down on those. For example, my worst trigger is Tomatoes. If I cut tomato out I can still enjoy other things that are considered triggers wothout feeling bad. But I have to space them out. I can't eat a ton of triggers all day, but I can have smaller amounts of a couple things with other food that doesn't cause reflux. Enjoy in moderation. It is overwhelming at first but over time diet changes become part of your routine and second nature. For me, changing my diet has been so worth it to feel relief and not worrying about consequences of continued damage on my esophogus.

  • MichealB


    Taking tums before I eat foods that I know trigger it helps but bread has seemed to help me the most when it's really bad

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