I wish I could give my alters a better life with a better body and better host. anyone feel this way?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)


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  • bethanyam


    Yeah I do...there isn't really a host alter but I know what you mean. I think it's the depression that comes with the diagnosis tbh

  • Alptraum


    All the time. I sometimes imagine we’re a semi-hive mind and we have our own separate bodies.

  • LolitaRivers


    Sometimes... I know my alts are ultimately there to try to protect me... even if it's from myself!

  • GoddessJasmineAnn


    All of the replies is how I feel. My body isn't the way ANY of us look. We have similarities between us but some are pale white with black and white hair and the body is black and brown eyes. Some have purple eyes or cat like pupils. Sharing a body is difficult and for us writing down what goes on and having an understanding that we're here to help each other and have respect for our wishes within reason is key to being a functioning system

  • LolitaRivers


    Definitely! One of my alters is a 6 year old girl that would love it if I could climb trees better!

  • Eren2273


    Yeah, I really wish I could too

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