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just had an appointment at a pain treatment center, and I’m having incredibly mixed feelings about how it went. The doctor seemed shocked by my level and long history of pain, kept bringing up how young I am, and said that she’d never had a patient as young as I was. She also cut me off frequently when I tried to answer with more than yes or no. She ultimately prescribed a narcotic and a muscle relaxant, so she didn’t straight-up dismiss my pain and she was willing to take an action regarding my pain much faster than my PCP. Still, it left me feeling dejected and uncertain. I also have very split feelings about the medications - on the one hand, I haven’t had either type of medication before so maybe they’ll help some. I’m afraid that the drowsiness will add onto my exhaustion so that I’m truly not able to do anything. I’m feeling flummoxed.

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      i found at my pain clinic that it took a very long time for me to develop a relationship with my provider. I think they kind of keep a barrier up because they are so used to people trying to scam them for meds. I asked my provider about non narcotic ways to help improve my pain and we were able to fond several options. I am sorry you didn't feel good about tute appointment. Next month maybe write down what you want to talk with her about to make sure you use your time To get what you need, Regarding the meds they will probably make you dopey as hell at first My first celebrex made me so sleepy I had to leave work ny getting someone to drive me home. Early on we discussed my not wanting to always be increasing my narcotics, as a strong family history of this made me feel like I was stuck on that path. Now I get trigger point injections and an epidural for most of my pain and random steroid shots as needed. I just had a nerve ablation on my knee. Those things are worth so much more than the 2 5mg oxycodone I get a day. I hope you are able to get relief fr your pain and het to a point where you and your provider trist each other and cam work as a team. One reminder I tell people is they don't know the meds aren't working well enough if you dont tell them. You need to be very clear about your pain there. They can help. Thats what they do, but only if they know the full extent of it. Wishing you pain free days, Sammo

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