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hi all, new here :) I'm wondering how you went about pituitary tumor diagnosis? I was diagnosed with hypercortisolism and hyperprolactinemia 7 years ago, but my mother could not afford the brain scan to check for a tumor. I am now suffering from the symptoms and having visual disturbances and eye pain. I have a hunch it is a tumor and has been all along, but I'm having trouble finding a doctor that takes it seriously. its coming off as self diagnosis but I'm actually very concerned for my vision. Any advice and tips would be appreciated. I look forward to following all of your journeys!

    • Hullo53


      What size? Mine is 7mm, it was just found a little over a month ago. I'm post menopausal but my hormones are all over the place. My cognition has been affected and my peripheral vision has changed. I'm wobbly sometimes and have to use a rollator. I'm currently in the process of blood work then endocrinologist and neurologist. Mine was found by 2 MRIs after a 3 day stay in the hospital after they thought I may have had a TIA, which it wasn't.

    • Alexa123


      Hi, I had a similar problem. I also suffered from hyperprolactinemia and as a result I also had difficulty breastfeeding. The doctors didn't take my problem seriously. When I started to feel that it was harming my vision, I arrived at the hospital and insisted on imaging. Finally, I did an MRI which showed that there is indeed a rather large tumor pressing on my optic nerve and that's also why I had the blurred vision I experienced. I performed an operation to remove the tumor and today I also feel much better and my vision problem has completely disappeared. The doctors told me it was lucky I came early because if I had waited with it then I could have lost my sight completely. I highly recommend you go and check it out, losing sight is pretty unpleasant.

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