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I'm 41 years old. I have severe neck and back pain that comes and goes feels like flair ups. Thos pain is mainly muscular but sometimes affects my nerves. I also have pain in various other areas. I have a sickness that comes over me feeling like I have the flu and sometimes it feels like im potentially needing to go to the hospital. When I have this sickness I have no pain. This has been happening to me chronically for 7 years now. Doctors cannot figure it out. I have a handful of days per month where I feel healthy. I'm so tired of feeling like I'm 90 years old. Does anyone else go through this and have any ideas of what this could be?

    • 1970anna


      ✋yes I feel your pain and suffering of chronic pain in places I don't understand and have been to hospital with without knowing finding out the cause and it badly affects my mental health 🥺

    • TexAss


      I deal with a lot of chronic pain that is difficult for me to mentally process sometimes. I wonder if that is why you seem to not have the bone/muscle pain when you're feeling sickly. The sickly feeling, your profile details you have issues with diarrhea, possibly chronic as well. I assume you take pain reliever, even if they are "low risk" like Tylenol, Advil, Aleve OTC meds, you must remember to eat something of substance when you take the meds. The pain reliever kick up stomach and intestinal acids and will create ulcers which ooze and cause chronic diarrhea. Prevent further damage by not taking on a low or empty stomach and it is likely beneficial to add an iron supplements or more red meat to your diet to promote healing. For my chronic pain, I added CBD and Hyaluronic Acid complex supplements to my daily pills. It helps with the pressurized pain I get from being upright on my feet. Gravity is our worst enemy when it comes to losing structural integrity in our bones and joints.

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