I am 23 weeks pregnant with lupus and asthma. my asthma has been well controlled for the last 6 years without meds but since being pregnant it has flared up. I was diagnosed with lupus this year but I feel as though I've had it for a few years with a positive autoimmune blood test. can anyone shore their experience with lupus and pregnancy?

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

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  • Maryn123


    Hi, lupus and pregnancy is a complex situation. When I was pregnant with my first child the disease was really calm to the point that I barely felt its existence. On the other hand, in my second pregnancy, the disease increased so much that I wanted to end the pregnancy in order to end this suffering. When I talked to my rheumatologist she told me that lupus in pregnancy can act like this. One third of the cases will be better, one third will remain the same and one third will get worse and it is impossible to really know how the body will behave during pregnancy. You should also remember that in addition to the disease, the pregnant body is full of hormones that also play a large part in the sensations. I recommend that you also follow up closely with your doctor during pregnancy because lupus can also be dangerous for the fetus in some cases. Is this your first pregnancy with the disease?

  • WomanofGod1


    This is my first that I am aware of. I have tested positive for a couple years but it wasn't till a few months ago I went to a rheumatologist and they did more extensive blood work and diagnosed me with lupus. I feel like I e had it for many years. I believe I hade it my younger son who is almost 9, but I do not know. I had gestational diabetes, pre eclampsia, and pubic dysfunction disorder where your body makes relaxin too soon , very painful. And I even blacked out where I couldn't hear or see for a time(very scary)

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