Posts on Alike for April 2023

  1. Differentiating ADHD symptoms from existing conditions
  2. How to know if you've been misdiagnosed?
  3. Advice for Traveling with Anxiety and ASD
  4. Contraception options while taking pregabalin?
  5. Overcoming Depression: How to Tidy Up Your Nest
  6. Common Symptoms of Prozac: What to Expect
  7. Need advice on taking methotrexate for Lupus
  8. Extreme bloating and endo belly for months, any relief?
  9. Dealing with Intimacy and Pain in a Relationship
  10. How to know if Prazosin is working for PTSD nightmares?
  11. Running out of Sertraline: Will I Feel Terrible?
  12. Applying for Transport Services with a Hidden Disability
  13. No Physical Sensation During Sexual Attraction
  14. Coping with Intense Mood Swings and Emotional Dysregulation
  15. Transportation with Seizures: Need Help!
  16. Constant Abdominal Problems: Normal or Not?
  17. Neurodivergent with Chronic Pain Seeking Like-Minded Friends
  18. Need Help with Extreme Weight Gain
  19. Looking for a Better Cane Handle
  20. Possible Allergic Reaction or Something Else?
  21. Do your legs get itchy after wearing compression socks?
  22. Severe Social Anxiety and Employment
  23. Update on Starting Medication for Mental Health
  24. Dealing with Social Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  25. Long-term use of benzos: opinions?
  26. Tips for a Consistent Workout Schedule and Back Stretches
  27. Best Medications for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and Sleep Apnea
  28. How long does it take for duloxetine to take effect?
  29. Need advice on Botox shots for OAB bladder retention and bedwetting
  30. Late Autism Diagnosis: Experiences with Assessment Process?
  31. The Impact of Sleep on Your Mental Health
  32. When is the Right Time to Reduce Antidepressants?
  33. Meds Wearing Off: Brain Fog and Headache
  34. CBD for Anxiety: Can it be used with Antidepressants?
  35. Looking for a Summer Job with Limited Mobility
  36. Need Help with Migraine Management
  37. How to Keep Your Cool on Call Centre Calls?
  38. Prescribed Adderall or Concerta for Idiopathic Hypersomnia?
  39. Tips for Sleeping with Sciatica
  40. Insurance denying IBS-C medication
  41. Microdosing for Mental Health: Does it Work?
  42. Do I Need an Endoscopy for Celiac Diagnosis?
  43. Struggling to Find Humor with Autism
  44. Fibromyalgia and Memory Problems: Anyone Else?
  45. Reducing SSRI-Induced Diarrhea: Tips and Tricks
  46. Comfort Rubbing: A Habit or Something More?
  47. Managing Stomach Pain: Tips and Strategies
  48. Tachycardia as a side effect of Strattera?
  49. What's Your Go-To Period Tracker App?
  50. Stuck in Bed: Need Advice
  51. Torn Meniscus and Intercostal Muscle Pain
  52. Parents contacting my therapist without my consent
  53. Struggling with Sleep Apnea and the Dreaded Machine
  54. Does anyone else get nauseous when they're cold?
  55. Vegan and Wheat-Free Diet Help
  56. Switching Medications: Need Advice
  57. Dealing with Ankle Pain from RA: Any Tips?
  58. Cymbalta: Improvement then Crash?
  59. Dealing with Digestive Problems in Recovery
  60. How do you explain your condition to others?
  61. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Need Advice ASAP
  62. Lost Hunger and Fullness Cues in Recovery: Will They Ever Return?
  63. Dealing with Upper Stomach Pain
  64. Crashed skiing and injured myself, what do I do now?
  65. Struggling with Sensory Issues from Retainers
  66. Struggling to Speak: Sudden Onset Fluency Disorder Symptoms
  67. Struggling with PCOS and Trying to Conceive
  68. Can I Get an Autism Assessment Without a Formal Diagnosis?
  69. How do ADHD medications affect you?
  70. Need Advice for Agoraphobia Symptoms
  71. First Signs of Failing Kidney Transplant?
  72. Can Normal Gastric Emptying Study Rule Out Gastroparesis?
  73. How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone?
  74. Dealing with Sensory Overload
  75. Getting Evaluated for Fibromyalgia in the USA: What You Need to Know
  76. Muscle Pain After Allergic Reaction and Vomiting
  77. Remedy for Burning Mouth Syndrome During Allergy Season?
  78. Struggling with Body Image
  79. Feeling Hot and Cold at Once: Overheating Sensation
  80. Insurance denying IBS-C medication
  81. Choosing between ADHD medication and emotional stability
  82. Managing Diabetes with Gluten-free, Lactose-free and Low Sugar Snacks
  83. Understanding Depression and PTSD
  84. PCOS and Birth Control: Missed Periods
  85. Bruising during HS healing
  86. Lamictal and Cognitive Function: Anyone Else Experiencing This?
  87. Need Help Getting a Manual Wheelchair in Australia
  88. Adjusting to a Gluten-Free Diet with Celiac Later in Life
  89. Negative Autism Test but Still Showing Symptoms
  90. Frequent UTIs during endo flare ups
  91. Can Bipolar Disorder Cause Flu-Like Symptoms?
  92. Looking for advice on stopping birth control
  93. Possible Lupus Diagnosis, But Symptoms Don't Match?
  94. Dealing with Intense Migraines: Seeking Advice
  95. Nausea on Methotrexate: Need Advice
  96. Dealing with Joint Pain During Workouts
  97. Struggling with Productivity: How to Get Yourself to Do Tasks
  98. Struggling with Depression in College
  99. Can Coffee Trigger a Manic Episode?
  100. Dealing with Anxiety Symptoms: Any Tips?
  101. Discovering Nocturnal Seizures: Seeking Answers
  102. Progesterone Use and Breast Changes
  103. Should I Get an OCD Diagnosis?
  104. Constant Abdominal Problems: Is It Normal?
  105. Is it worth getting assessed for Aspergers as an adult in Australia?
  106. Effective Anxiety Medications for Teens with Minimal Side Effects
  107. Recovery after full hysterectomy: What to expect?
  108. Looking for Crohn's Diet Advice
  109. Struggling with Understanding My Emotions
  110. Cauterization of Ovaries for Endometriosis: Anyone Tried It?
  111. Switching Antidepressants: Thoughts on Prozac?
  112. Autism and Illness: Coping with Sensitivity and Emotional Upset
  113. Managing Autistic Anger: Tips from a Counsellor
  114. High Blood Pressure and Dizziness: What's Going On?
  115. Gluten-free toast disaster at coffee shop
  116. Dealing with Scoliosis and Body Image Issues
  117. Stomach Cramping After Endoscopy and Colonoscopy
  118. Dealing with Symptoms at Work: Tips Needed
  119. Dealing with Excessive Phlegm During Allergy Season
  120. Share Your Self Care Tips
  121. Just learned I have Bipolar 2
  122. Preparing for Endo Surgery: Tips and Advice
  123. Can Stopping Eating Help with Crohn's Medications?
  124. Focal Seizures and Low CO2: Seeking Similar Experiences
  125. Seeking Advice for POTS and Chronic Pain
  126. Recommendations for Mattresses and Pillows for People with Eds and Joint Issues
  127. Anyone tried Slynd for PMDD?
  128. Need advice on persistent ear infection
  129. Recommendations for Mattresses and Pillows for People with Eds and Joint Issues
  130. Overcoming Panic Attacks: My Journey to Recovery
  131. Considering Hysterectomy for PCOS: Seeking Advice
  132. Nausea after surgery, need advice!
  133. Tips for Coping with Emetophobia and Nausea
  134. Experiencing Pain in Wrist and Arm
  135. Cauterization of Ovaries for Endometriosis: Anyone Tried It?
  136. My Experience with Seizures: A Journey of Uncertainty
  137. Looking for advice on binge-eating disorder medication
  138. Knee Pain After TKR Surgery: Need Advice
  139. New Meds and Overwhelm
  140. Living with HIV: My Story
  141. Graduated vs Standard Compression Socks for POTS Symptoms
  142. Concerned about my weight gain and glucose levels
  143. Concerns about weight gain on Lexapro
  144. Struggling with Giving Up Control in My System
  145. How to know when a pulmonary embolism has gone?
  146. Struggling with Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  147. Compression stockings causing bruises on leg hair?
  148. Dealing with Abdominal Pain Again
  149. Unusual Headache Symptoms: Throbbing and Auditory Sensations
  150. Tingly Tongue and Face: Anxiety or Something Else?
  151. Understanding Panic Attacks: Causes and Triggers
  152. Effective Ways to Treat POTS: A Comprehensive Guide
  153. Struggling to Sleep: Need Advice
  154. Recovery Time After Surgery: What to Expect
  155. Purple Knees and Dysautonomia: Should I Be Worried?
  156. Need advice for TMJ pain relief
  157. Nose Bleeds with Allergic Rhinitis and POTS
  158. Sudden Bowel Movements and Abdominal Cramping
  159. Tingly Tongue and Face: Anxiety or Something More?
  160. Worried about not being able to tell which treatment is working
  161. Hair Loss and POTS: Is There a Connection?
  162. Craving Drama When Manic: Is It Just Me?
  163. Living with Gallstones: Tips and Tricks
  164. Claiming PIP for Fibromyalgia in the UK
  165. Looking for a Safe Haven
  166. Feeling Lonely and Overwhelmed with ADHD: Is it Normal?
  167. CBD Oil for Pudendal Neuralgia and Anxiety
  168. Extreme fatigue on Epclusa for chronic hep c
  169. Need Help with Extended Drug Resistant Migraine
  170. Dealing with Endometriosis and PCOM: Seeking Advice and Support
  171. Dealing with Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia
  172. Looking for a Life-Changing Medication
  173. Finally Awarded PIP After 20 Years
  174. High Libido After Starting Synthroid - Is This Normal?
  175. Left Eye Discomfort When Popping Pimples
  176. Has anyone used Seroquel for sleep?
  177. Struggling with PCOS: Lack of Motivation and Follow Through
  178. Looking for ADHD medication advice while on fluoxetine
  179. Can Anxiety be Misdiagnosed as Autism?
  180. Loss of taste after switching medications
  181. Comparing Fluoxetine and Sertraline for Depression
  182. Is it normal to feel exhausted after a POTS episode?
  183. How to Help a Friend with Dissociative Disorder?
  184. Inaccurate Medical Diagnosis Dates
  185. Scared of Referral to Weight Management Clinic
  186. Tips for Coping with Emetophobia and Nausea
  187. Sudden Bowel Movements and Abdominal Cramping
  188. Dealing with Joint Pain in POTS
  189. What is a Healthy Menstrual Cycle Length?
  190. Tips for Coping with Emetophobia and Nausea
  191. Managing Pain with Over/Understimulation
  192. Dealing with Anxiety and Depression
  193. Seeking Young Breast Cancer Patients for Support Group
  194. Question about Vyvanse dosage
  195. Hip Bursitis Pain and Steroid Injections
  196. When do you take your medication?
  197. Gabapentin and Balance Issues with Fibromyalgia
  198. Dealing with Chronic Knee Pain: Seeking Advice
  199. Undiagnosed Stomach Problems for 12 Years
  200. Memory loss and brain fog on topamax
  201. Tips for Losing Weight Gained from Anti Psychotics
  202. Worried about my sick dad
  203. How to Get Rid of Plantar Fasciitis?
  204. Numbness and Tingling in Arms, Legs, and Thighs - Panic!
  205. Best Type of Salt for POTS?
  206. Dealing with EDS Flares: Sudden Joint Pain
  207. Has anyone had success with pelvic PT?
  208. Exploring the Link Between ADHD and Genetics
  209. Dealing with Executive Dysfunction
  210. Effexor Dreams: Anyone Else Experiencing Vivid Dreams?
  211. Did ADHD Diagnosis Help You?
  212. Vomiting with Diarrhea: Is it Normal?
  213. Lexapro and Thyroid Meds: Any Interactions?
  214. Struggling with ADD: How Can I Write Again?
  215. Looking for Advice and Support with My Health Issues
  216. Dealing with Burning Sensation in My Hands
  217. Shaking Leg When Worked Up
  218. Looking for advice on ADHD medications
  219. Flare up and nerve pain, need advice
  220. Advice on Choosing a Mobility Aid for EDS and POTS
  221. What to Expect at Your First Gynaecologist Appointment
  222. Dealing with Denial About Disabilities
  223. Strange Eating Habits Despite Feeling Full
  224. Seeking Fibromyalgia Pain Relief: What Can Doctors Offer?
  225. Constant Dizziness and Fatigue
  226. Looking for Asthma Tracking App Recommendations
  227. The Impact of Diet on ADHD and Autism
  228. Wellbutrin for Bipolar Type 2: Experiences and Side Effects?
  229. Disclosing Chronic Illness and Autism to Romantic Partners
  230. Can't Sleep Despite CPAP Use
  231. Abdominal and Back Pain - Fibro or Something Else?
  232. Celiac and Fibromyalgia: Does Going Gluten-Free Help?
  233. Managing Fibromyalgia Pain in College
  234. Tips for my upcoming diagnostic appointment
  235. Cholesterol meds and POTS symptoms
  236. Struggling with conflicting opinions on my NPD diagnosis
  237. Dealing with Anxiety and Medication Allergies
  238. How to Get Diagnosed with ADHD: A Guide
  239. Has anyone with PoTS noticed magnesium supplements helped them?
  240. Questions about Epilepsy, Depression, and Fatigue
  241. Struggling to Eat with Chronic Fatigue
  242. Dealing with Knee Pain: Tips and Tricks
  243. Dealing with Vaginal Pain as an Underage Person
  244. Medication causing lack of libido and finishing?
  245. Need Help with Pain Relief for Flare-Up
  246. Dealing with Silent Reflux Symptoms
  247. Quick Improvement on Rexulti - Is it Possible?
  248. Managing ADHD Symptoms: Tips and Tricks
  249. Combining Wellbutrin and Zoloft for Social Anxiety: Any Success Stories?
  250. Possible Shunt Surgery for Headache
  251. Effexor for Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Does it Work?
  252. Do Antidepressants Actually Help? Need Advice
  253. How to Stop Shaking: Tips and Tricks
  254. Memory and Familiarity Issues - Need Advice
  255. Just diagnosed with celiac, looking for advice
  256. Looking for advice on anxiety medication
  257. Quick Improvement on Rexulti - Is it Possible?
  258. Bipolar with Psychotic Features vs Schizoaffective: What's the Difference?
  259. Should I Get Diagnosed with Autism or ADHD?
  260. Pollution and Menstrual Issues: My Experience
  261. Dealing with Health Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  262. Muscle Wasting After COVID-19: Anyone Else Experienced This?
  263. Just diagnosed with celiac, looking for advice
  264. Dealing with Postmenopausal Bladder Issues
  265. Severe Rib Pain - Seeking Advice
  266. Numbness and Stabbing Sensations After Spinal Fusion
  267. Dealing with Painful Periods and Intercourse
  268. Tips for Managing Hot Flashes During Perimenopause
  269. Tips for managing hunger when tired?
  270. Struggling with Healthcare Access in Hampshire
  271. New Antidepressants Making My POTS Symptoms Worse?
  272. Dealing with Anxiety and Shyness
  273. Reducing Hemorrhoids During IBS Attacks
  274. Purple Knees and Dysautonomia: Should I Be Worried?
  275. Sudden forearm pain and numbness
  276. Dealing with Repeated Panic Attacks
  277. Migraines and Vision Loss with Cervical Stenosis
  278. Need help managing pain after lumpectomy
  279. Recurring UTIs: Seeking Advice
  280. Looking for someone with MS to compare symptoms and share their story
  281. Need help with breathing problems
  282. Osteoporosis and Anorexia: Is there a Connection?
  283. Dealing with Foot Pain at Work
  284. Need help with bloating relief
  285. Exhausted on Medication: Anyone Else?
  286. Struggling to Love: Feeling Like a Burden
  287. FLU but NEGATIVE! Help?!
  288. Struggling with ADHD and Autism: Need Organization Tips
  289. Lexapro and Hydroxyzine for Anxiety and Depression
  290. Questions about Shunt Redo Surgery
  291. Starting Oxycodone for Chronic Pain: Advice Needed
  292. Seasonal Dissociation: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  293. Dealing with AS and Depression
  294. Alternative Therapies for Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks
  295. Sharp and Itchy Pain in Leg After Surgery
  296. Understanding the Impacts of ADHD
  297. Need Help with Plantar Fasciitis Pain
  298. Hair Loss with Hashimoto's: Any Solutions?
  299. How to Identify Lyme Disease Symptoms
  300. Struggling with Executive Dysfunction, ADHD, and Anxiety
  301. Misdiagnosis of Bipolar in Women with ASD
  302. Looking for Exercise Plan for POTS
  303. Dealing with Kidney Stones: What Should I Do?
  304. Feeling Misdiagnosed: Anyone Else?
  305. Changing Reflux Medication: How to Talk to Your Doctor
  306. Sleep for Chiro Adjustment?
  307. Lower back pain and leg discomfort