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So I started taking oxycodone (HCL) starting today. I took half of my allowed 5mg per day dose, it lasted about 3.5 hours. I’m thinking about taking the other half before bed. Does anyone else take this medication for chronic pain, and does this sound reasonable for my first day on this medication? I just don’t want to overdo it on an opioid.

    • BumpyBackRoads


      i’m no longer on oxycodone but i’ve taken it in the past. i’m now on a fentanyl patch that we change every 48 hours & have another narcotic for pain that becomes intolerable. i think it is important to remember that these pain meds are not meant to take away your pain completely. they are just suppose to make it manageable. when I think about it that way, it helps me navigate taking these meds (especially narcotics) a lot easier. ✨I✨ personally always stick to only taking pain meds (minus the fentanyl patch i am on 24/7 because otherwise my body goes into literal shock due to the intense pain i experience every day thanks to a neurological condition i developed from a birth control) when my pain is so bad i cannot sit still, i cannot sleep… THOSE are the times i use my pill form of narcotic. and that is because i know that i’m playing the long game. i want to not be addicted now & stay that way for the rest of my life and addiction runs HEAVILY in my family… does that make sense.

      • kasket


        @BumpyBackRoads This helps IMMENSELY thank you so much! I never wanted to be on any kind of pain med long term, I’ve always wanted one that was as needed. My doctor prescribed this because it was interfering with my sleep, so I’m at least only going to take it when the pain is so unbearable I can’t sleep to start. My pain management specialist was convinced gabapentin would work, and I took it for over a month and it didn’t. So my doctor at least wanted me to feel some sort of relief for now while we figure out what else I can use. I’m hoping that I find another alternative honestly

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One user mentioned they have been on oxycodone for almost 11 years and it helped with their pain. However, it's important to consult your physician about the appropriate dosage and timing for taking oxycodone, as individual needs may vary.

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