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I just learned that what was earlier diagnosed as Major Depressive Disorder has been updated as Bipolar 2. I’m a little shocked, but now it makes a lot of sense. I’m on a lot of mood stabilizers, and a few months back I decided with my psychiatrist that I didn’t want to take Abilify anymore. (I was on a 2mg dosage because I was very sensitive to it) When I had my appointment with him yesterday, and explained my drastic highs and lows suddenly appearing, he said that I was going into Bipolar episodes again since I was no longer on Abilify for extra support. It was just a very interesting finding, because looking at Bipolar 2 compared to MDD, I feel that hypomania is an important symptom of mine that I hadn’t paid much mind to until now. Our current plan to keep me off of abilify is to raise my trileptal, but if any of you guys are on mood stabilizers that work well, let me know! I will mention I’ve been on Lamictal. I liked it but I was allergic to it and was constantly broken out in hives :(

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      I think I may be bipolar as well un diagnosed. Something is wrong with me more than anxiety and depression. I never ever feel happy and I'm always worried. I'm so stressed. I have no enjoyment in life. my job is so stressful and I have a new boss and he's so bad I can't take it

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