Hey everyone I have perimenopause I'm over half a year in at the moment any tips for hot flashes?



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  • WhoKnows


    I have this sort of beanbag that I keep in the freezer that I can hold when I need to cool down.

  • zorratrich


    Ice packs. I also have what's called IceKap and it's a hat that has 5 ice packs in it and I put that on for migraines but also works well when hot flashes happen.

  • DragonflyHKD


    Just a gal with hyperhidrosis here but some things that can help me are wearing light, moisture wicking clothing as well as having layers I can easily remove. I'm lucky that I'm able to find clothes at my local thrift stores which makes it more affordable to buy sporty clothing. I prefer to dress really fun and cutesy but when symptoms are bad, my physical comfort is more important. I also love my pink neck fan and I have a smaller pink handheld fan that's kind of shaped like a little bear. Those help me a ton! I also have a cooling towel to drape around my neck in summer. Wishing you luck!

  • Katharina


    Flo (Vitamins) has something catered to that to help ease those symptoms. May be worth looking into.

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