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How to deal with health anxiety? I have reflux. I always worry it will turn into something worse even though it only bothers me occasionally.

    • BraeburnGirl


      I try not to dwell on my illnesses and instead on what I can still do. It may seem easy to say, but I often find that focusing on the fact that I’m still “on this side of the grass” makes me feel a lot better. I’ve had a number of really big problems, including a brain tumor, that could have killed me, but none of them did. They say that gratitude exercises, like writing down three things you’re grateful for each day can improve not only your mental health but even your physical health. I use a journaling app on my phone for it because I can’t lose it, unlike a notebook. It helps me stay grounded. I had a Nissen fundoplication for really bad reflux over 20 years ago and that scare was taken away. Really helped a lot with my overall wellbeing. I had to go through a lot of testing for it, but I was only in my 30’s, and preferred the surgery to being on pills for it for the rest of my life. Perhaps discuss surgical options with your GI if you’re really worried about future issues. I had signs of Barrett’s esophagus and didn’t want to worry about that so early in my life. Now I’m pushing 60 and my endoscopies are normal!

    • MyDogIsTheCutest


      Something that has helped me is to NOT google my symptoms. Googling symptoms could give some possible answers, but it also gives horrible, unlikely answers. I try to talk to someone who is able to think more rationally about my symptoms than I currently am (my sister, usually) and have her talk me through why I probably don't have a horrible disease. Worst case scenario is I go to the doctor to get checked out just in case.

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One way to cope with health anxiety is by reassuring yourself that you're okay, taking deep breaths, and closing your eyes during panic attacks. It's also helpful to maintain a regular sleep schedule and avoid overstimulating your senses. Some people find relief through medication, such as Effexor, which can help with anxiety and hypochondria. Remember to consult with your healthcare provider for personalized advice and support.

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