Does anyone else get a crash once their meds wear off? Last night my meds wore off and I had immense amounts of brain fog and a headache. Is this normal? Does it happen to anyone else?


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  • verasama


    I can definitely tell when my meds start to wear off, because it seems like it's a lot harder to reach my thoughts, if that makes any sense. I guess that's the brain fog. But I don't typically have a major crash or a headache or anything. Now, I can also definitely tell when my meds were off because I feel more tired, but it's not usually a crash. I think it definitely is normal, but if it happens too often you might want to talk to your doctor about adjusting your dosage or something.

  • Jockilo


    I start to get really agitated when my meds wear off in the afternoon and feel like my adhd is worse then I was before I started medication, only once the meds wear off...

    • hoofedcracker


      amen! I came to the conclusion that when I'm on stimulants, they kind of "rule" my day in that they can/ will affect many parts of my mood and thinking while they are starting to reach their half-life. I found being also on Atomoxitine seems to make it a little easier.

  • T.Baily655


    I have only been taking Adderall for 4 days but I feel it wear off around 4 or 5pm and I feel mentally and physically exhausted afterwards. My doctor said it was normal and it is so we can relax and our brains can calm down to get ready for bed.

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