how do I get an adhd diagnosis?

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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  • Ireine


    I spoke to my university (I'm UK based) and they diagnosed me. Other options include going via your GP or privately (have a look online or ask for recommendations in ADHD Facebook groups). If you're based in England then have a look into Right to Choose as that route is free but speedy (if I'm remembering correctly). But deffo have a google and a nose on Facebook groups (and of course asking on here!)

  • Junky


    I got my diagnosis back when i was in elementary school when I got my therapy evaluation

  • 100Percent_K


    Psych eval

  • T.Baily655


    I am sure it's different everywhere but I was referred to a doctor by my mom but then he was booked until August and I just asked the receptionist if she could refer me somewhere else, then I went to a different location. I got my prescription that day but because of a shortage I had to call around and see which pharmacies had it. I have only been on it 2 days and I have done more chores and housework than I have in months!

  • Giailah


    Although I was diagnosed when i was in elementary school and i don’t really know much about the process i went through i do know that you can always start a new diagnosis with a call to your primary care provider, they will probably refer you to a psychiatrist and then you’ll be evaluated and continue from there. this is how i got depression/anxiety diagnosed and i’m sure it isn’t too different with adhd.

  • Barefootwitch19


    I simply had a conversation with my therapist and she got the process started and diagnosed me, and now I'm meeting with a psychiatrist to help with the path to finding the right medication.

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