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How do you get yourself to do tasks? for me I will try them and just freeze up and stand there for 15 minutes. earlier today I was putting away clothes and suddenly I was just standing there swaying and listening to the podcast I had on.

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      Don’t expect yourself to ‘complete the whole task’. We have a tendency to think that if the task isn’t ‘finished’ then we’ve failed, and deny ourselves the dopamine. Recognise that daily live is a cycle and a rhythm, and these mundane tasks are constant parts of life. Instead, try to view activities as tiny, separate little actions and consciously give yourself recognition for every little act. I struggled with having cups and glasses and things lying around all over the house and really wanted to live with everything in its place, so whenever I saw something left somewhere I’d be silently berating and beating myself up inside. It took a long time to start focusing on just moving ONE ITEM as I move past it and allowing myself recognition for putting ‘one more thing’ where it belongs. Over time the ‘drip, drip, drip’ of little bits of self praise gets stronger. It’s like constantly drip watering your house plants instead of leaving them for months on end and then trying to revive them with a bucket of water.

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One suggestion is to set an alarm clock far away from you, preferably near the task you want to do. When the alarm goes off, it forces you to get up and start the activity. Another tip is to break tasks into smaller, manageable goals and find someone to be accountable to for those goals. Playing energizing music can also help with motivation.

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