Hey alikes, I made a post the other day about feeling scared about starting medication and I thought I'd give an update :) I went in today to be evaluated for adhd and the doctor said that they can't give an official diagnosis yet, because im 23 and never had any concerns as a child. They did say that I exhibit many signs of adhd, however they could be mimicked from anxiety and (to my surprise) depression! So I was prescribed Wellbutrin for now to try to tackle the symptoms for all three. Having never been on any medications for a mental condition, I was scared, but it's only been 5 hours and I feel 5 times better... im still eager to understand my diagnosis but this is the first step. I'm thankful for this app and the affirmation I got from people in similar situations. lots of love

  • MilkJoey


    i didn't really reply to your first post because my first experience with a psychiatrist was Awful. on the first visit, he blamed my issues on me, downplayed my feelings, and diagnosed me with adhd as soon as i filled out his questionnaire. he also gave me WAY too high of a dosage for adderall, i did not sleep for 2 days & it was an awful experience. but regardless, i'm happy to hear that you're feeling much better after taking the medication. especially proud of you for taking that shot and setting aside your fear of medication to see if this one will work out. stay safe and lots of love to you as well!

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