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would really like to hear from you all who have panic disorder and agoraphobia. your symptoms and how you handle it. Are you taking anything that helps? please tell me your experience I would appreciate it. thanks to all of you.♥️

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    • Kittypup


      I went to the shopping centre for the first time in years. I had a support worker with me. I completely freaked out. It was awful.

    • Kittypup


      I went to the shopping centre for the first time in years. I had a support worker with me. I completely freaked out. It was awful.

    • DragonflyHKD


      Effexor/Venlafaxine has helped me the most with my anxiety. I've also had slow exposure therapy both with someone I trust and by myself. I still struggle going out by myself sometimes but my symptoms have improved immensely. Used to be completely housebound for years. I'm proud of the progress I've made even though I still struggle at times. Wishing you the best!

      • misunderstood


        @DragonflyHKD what is slow exposure therapy? I imagine going out and away from your home more and more everyday?

        • DragonflyHKD


          @misunderstood Yes, going out and exposing yourself to your fear just until you're slightly uncomfortable but not overwhelmed. I used to be completely housebound so when I was ready, I would take a step or two outside until I started to feel overwhelmed then went back inside. Slowly worked up to having someone take me to stores when I needed something (the packed shelves were disorienting sometimes though). Now I'm able to drive at certain times of the day by myself but I still get quite a bit of anxiety in traffic so I avoid whenever possible.

    • Possum8910


      Hello, I have agoraphobia and different anxiety disorders, when I have to go out medical MJ helps me more than any pill I've been on. But I also make sure to communicate with whoever I may be with when I'm not ok and need a moment or need to leave. But I'm still trying to find other way as well.

    • vanillaextract


      Klonopin helps alot for panic makes me calm and like I can be my self again

    • Loopy89


      I take paroxetine which helped calm things down, the doctor also prescribed me a beta blocker to stop my heart from racing but it made me feel funny so I had to stop taking it. I also had CBT sessions which also helped as they taught me how to control the panic attacks, they haven't and I don't think ever will go away completely but they are alot more easier to handle. Also CBD oil in the morning helped.

    • coolj


      Paroxatine helps somewhat and therapy and meditation

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Some people with panic disorder and agoraphobia have shared their experiences, such as having frequent panic attacks and feeling terrified in certain situations. They have found help through therapy, self-help books, and exposure therapy. Speaking with friends or professionals can also be beneficial in managing anxiety and panic attacks. It's important to remember that each person's experience is unique, and finding the right coping strategies and support is crucial for overcoming these challenges.

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