hello friends! please leave personal experiences, thoughts ECT! thankyou

I'm new here and as my first post id like to talk about something that has been heavy on my mind as of late.

in February, I saw a psychiatrist for a ASD assessment and was diagnosed with bipolar.

As someone who has done alot of research on ASD and its co occurring conditions, I know there is a very high rate with misdiagnosis of bipolar especially in people like myself who are AFAB.

thankyou for reading!
jaybabey x

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  • Atheris


    Not sure why ECT would be recommended. (Unless I'm misunderstanding the acronym) I'm always skeptical of a bipolar diagnosis. Not because people don't have it, but rather that it has been a catch all for lazy diagnostics. A lot of things are misidentified s such.

    • Atheris


      P.S. How did your doctor get bipolar from an ASD assessment? Those are *very* different things.

  • jaybabey


    they are you're correct, from what I have gathered it's because some traits overlap between the two, myself and my therapist think it's been hugely misdiagnosed because it's easier to diagnose than ASD also I didn't mean ECT as in electroconvulsive technology, I meant to write etc for et cetera

    • Atheris


      it's frustrating because I watched a friend struggle with "bipolar" medication for years. I personally thought she had BPD and the treatments are very different.

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