What are your suggestions for an extended drug resistant migraine with nausea, dizziness, and an inability to concentrate or read well as the most prevalent symptoms?


Feeling of choking

Nausea and Vomiting

Chronic Headache

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  • Tenneile


    I have alot of these problems as well and I know exactly how awful they can be For the nausea try ginger beer or ginger lollies from the chemist For dizziness maybe try cold water showers and sitting up right and reading a book or something to potentially keep you from focusing on the dizziness Try some sensory activities for concentration, even squishy slime balls and play dough can help keep your mind active yet calm, which may also distract you from the symptoms but keep your concentration at a reasonable level Pain wise try dark sunglasses or complete covering your eyes, a dark room, and there are migraine caps that you can put in the freezer or even heat up that could help alot! I find staying away from sugar and drinking electrolytes helps alot with my migraines and general pain I hope some of this helps!!

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