How do you know if you have Lyme disease?


Lyme Disease

acute lethargy

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  • Booski22


    You can go to your doctor and ask for a test. They'll drawn some blood and send it off for testing. There is a chance it comes back negative even if you have it but that's somthing to discuss with your doctor if it happens

  • Jewelsngems


    Vibrant America test from an Integrative medicine doctor.

  • KittenFoster


    The test your Dr will do is typically the Western Blot which is a blood test that only checks for 4 strains and there is over 300 stains of Lymes disease. I tested for it 3 times and was negative. Then I got the expensive an Jose lab that is the only one I know of that tests for every strain and I had 4 strains of Lyme.

  • L0


    Very hard to tell even in people who already knew they had it before seems people can experience long term Lyme disease and not get proper diagnosis because the doctors think it “went away”

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