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ok another question but this is for those who haven’t had spinal surgery. #1 how do u deal with body image issues bc atm i refuse to wear a bathing suit since u can see the asymmetry in my waist #2 how do u tell ppl ur dating u have scoliosis like idk if it’s a deal breaker for some ppl so idk when to bring it up or if i should just casually bring it up idkkkk i’m scared

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    • rosemxry


      I also have uneven hips and asymmetry. I honestly just remind myself it's something that makes my body different and interesting. It's not something I'll ever be able to change, so I kind of just started seeing it as more of a positive than a negative. Who said asymmetry is bad?

    • rosemxry


      I also have uneven hips and asymmetry. I honestly just remind myself it's something that makes my body different and interesting. It's not something I'll ever be able to change, so I kind of just started seeing it as more of a positive than a negative. Who said asymmetry is bad?

    • 100Percent_K


      #1 I worked through in therapy. We all are made and built different and that is OK. Symmetry does not equal beauty. #2 I honestly tell them when it feels right during the dating process. I don’t need to tell everyone and most people are gonna fall off anyways, so I just wait

    • shimshim


      Hmmmm. Body issues 💔. Before surgery I had just recently got down to 120 pds but progressfully started walking as if drunk leaning to right to only learn I had severe scholeosis in need of surgery before my spine broke and remain in a wheelchair . 2 surgeries later I still lean to right my body is nothing of an hourglass and 4 years later and 45 pds heavier can not walk the 5 miles around the lake that I once did every other day much less the end of my street without cramping To add to that husband of 37 years don't ever touch me Maybe I'm texting tmi. But do feel despair and ??? Just feel numb with all the pain make matters even worse a wk ago fell and possibly need surgery on right shoulder now

      • CMD


        @shimshim I am so so sorry that you have went thru these surgeries, and the sadness that you are feeling..💔 I have scoliosis as well.. found out from a chiropractor… shock… disbelief.. but I decided I was not going to let it get worse if I could stop it. I did a lot of videos, changed my diet, Am on supplements, because I also have osteoporosis, and my bones are brittle, so I am working on that as well. I truly believe, that things can get better for you, if you work on a change in your diet… I struggled, as I don’t like change.. but I did change my eating habits, and grateful to God almighty for guiding me through my journey.. I was in chronic pain, as I fell and broke my back.. approx 1.5 years ago..with the change of diet.. and this latest change has been within the last month….my pain is soooo much better.. I know I will never be completely pain free, but still so much better that I feel like I have my life back. Have lost a few pounds, and am lowering my blood pressure as well.. My change is I went from eating good,(healthy) to becoming a Vegan.. getting rid of the meat was key for me.. not saying that that will be your answer.. but trying it might give you the pain relief you need. I pray for you, hope that if you try a diet change, that it helps you as it did me. I watched a documentary about a woman who ended up with a debilitating disease that landed her in a wheelchair. She was a very educated woman, so her disease took her to many doctors who helped her with her symptoms. The unfortunate part was none of the doctors brought her permanent relief. She decided that she was going to change her diet and see if that would help relieve any of her symptoms and help her pain… At the time she changed her diet she could not walk. She stated she used to ride bicycles with her family all the time and that was her goal.. to get back to riding her bike, so she could agin ride with her family... She stated a couple weeks after she started the change of diet, she was able to stand with the help of a walker after about a month she was able to stand unassisted and take a few steps. She said it progressed to the point that within six months she was able to walk, with no assistance for short periods, she said within a year she was able to ride her bike again and was going on family outings . This is another video that helped me turn my diet around. Unfortunately, in the video it did not specify exactly what she used in her diet that led me to believe that this is what I needed to do so I could get better. There are many other documentaries out there, and all have good outcomes 💕. Testimonies of people that have changed their diet, one way, or the other, and the positive results that they have gotten . It is not an easy fix.. rather a lifestyle change, and it is up to you how the end result turns out. I hope this information has helped, and that I have given you food for thought, and that if you act on the information it will enhance your life for the better. May God Bless you with your journey 😊💕

    • BrokenVessel


      For body image issues, i remind myself that this life and this body is temporary. When we pass to eternity, it would not have even mattered what we looked like. What matters is our character, who we are as a person.

    • 221bakerst


      commenting for the thread as a spinal fusion survivor 😔✌️

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To deal with body image issues, try focusing on your positive attributes and remember that everyone has imperfections. As for telling people you're dating about your scoliosis, it's best to bring it up when you feel comfortable and trust the person. It may not be a deal-breaker for many people, but being honest and open about it can help build a stronger relationship.

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