Posts on Alike for December 2022

  1. Starting Saxenda tomorrow, need advice on side effects
  2. Coping with Top Dysphoria: Advice for Trans AFABs
  3. Need advice on UTI treatment
  4. Dealing with Autism Stims: Tips and Tricks
  5. Controlling Hyperfixations: Tips and Tricks
  6. Looking for Online Therapy Covered by Insurance
  7. Struggling with Winter Blues
  8. Dealing with Death Anxiety at a Young Age
  9. Looking for Support with My Health Conditions
  10. Microdosing Psilocybin for ADHD and Anxiety
  11. Looking for advice on fibromyalgia medication
  12. Finally getting tested for EDS after 2 years of trying!
  13. Is Going Vegan Really Better for Your Health?
  14. When did your bipolar disorder surface?
  15. Seizures Triggered by Florescent Lights: Seeking Advice
  16. Anxiety at Volunteer Job
  17. Struggling with POTS Diagnosis and Medication
  18. Understanding Stimming: A Guide for Autistic Individuals
  19. How to Stop Scalp Picking and Hair Loss?
  20. Dealing with Health Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  21. Two Asthma Attacks in One Day - Is it Normal?
  22. When to stop asthma medication?
  23. ADHD and Dreams: Can Treatment Help?
  24. Need advice for managing endometriosis symptoms
  25. Switching Prozac Dosage: Need Advice
  26. Has anyone tried ketamine therapy for depression?
  27. My Journey to a Diagnosis: A Migraine Story
  28. Struggling to Get Over Illness
  29. What Does a Manic Episode Feel Like?
  30. Need advice on excessive sleeping
  31. Managing Epilepsy for 25 Years: Seeking Advice
  32. Debilitating Sacroiliac Pain - Seeking Advice
  33. Share Your Gastroparesis Diagnosis Experience
  34. Trouble Sleeping Every Night, Need Suggestions
  35. Trouble Staying Asleep: Seeking Advice
  36. Heart Racing and Numbness: Anxiety or POTS?
  37. Struggling with ASD and Personality Disorder - Need Advice on DBT Group Therapy
  38. Possible Allergic Reaction to KT Tape
  39. My Experience with Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures and a Medical Bracelet
  40. Hydroxyzine for Anxiety and Depression: Does it Work?
  41. Living with Autism, ADHD, Epilepsy, and Narcolepsy
  42. Struggling with Nightmares? Here's What You Can Do
  43. Tips for Calming Anxiety in Crowded Places
  44. Struggling with Executive Dysfunction
  45. Trouble Sleeping? Let's Talk!
  46. Can Toxic Trauma Cause Autoimmune Diseases?
  47. Celebrating Our Top Reviewer: DARIAFAE!
  48. Experiencing Bone Pain Since Childhood, Anyone Else?
  49. Looking for insight on mirtazapine and venlafaxine cocktail
  50. Struggling with Medication: What Should I Do?
  51. Late Autism Diagnosis: How Did It Affect You?
  52. How to diagnose POTS: Tips and advice
  53. Help! I Can't Stop Picking at My Scalp
  54. Struggling with School Attendance Due to Disability
  55. Managing Food Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  56. Looking for fellow Bipolar II sufferers
  57. Tips for Managing Unconscious Tension and Anxiety
  58. Dealing with Extreme Noise Sensitivity
  59. Uncontrollable Vocal Stim in Autism
  60. Comparing Anxiety Symptoms: Am I Insane?
  61. Gabapentin Prescription Not Renewed
  62. Looking for EDS Gift Ideas
  63. Topiramate for Migraines: Experiences?
  64. Struggling with Bipolar Disorder: Can We Ever Be Truly Happy?
  65. Feeling Lightheaded: Is It Normal?
  66. Dealing with Vyvanse Crash: Need Advice
  67. New to the App, Not Sure What to Expect
  68. My Psych Doc is Leaving and I'm Not Happy About It
  69. Newly Diagnosed with ASD & ADHD, Looking for Connection
  70. Drops in Heart Rate: Anyone Else Experiencing This?
  71. Dealing with Insomnia from Fibromyalgia
  72. Living with Chronic Conditions: How They Affect Daily Life
  73. Living with Multiple Mental Health Disorders
  74. Feeling Lonely with Chronic Pain
  75. Seeking Advice on Antidepressants for Lupus and ADHD
  76. Living with Chronic Pain and an Ileostomy
  77. Exercising with Fibromyalgia: Tips and Advice
  78. Dealing with Back Pain and Fatigue
  79. How does Abilify work for anxiety?
  80. Managing Anxiety and Stress: What to Do When You Don't Feel It
  81. Feeling Tired and Dizzy: Is it My Anxiety Meds?
  82. Seeking Advice for Mom's TNBC Diagnosis, Feeling Scared
  83. Stressed and Anxious, Need Someone to Talk To
  84. Possible PCOS Diagnosis, Need Advice
  85. Managing Fibromyalgia: Tips and Tricks
  86. Looking for Medication Advice for My Condition
  87. Dealing with Chronic Pain: My Struggle with RA & Fibromyalgia
  88. Can You Have Gender Dysphoria Without Feeling Like the Other Gender?
  89. Feeling Dizzy: Can Anyone Relate?
  90. Melatonin not working for fasty brain go go's?
  91. Painful Lump Under Jaw - Seeking Advice
  92. Dealing with Acid Reflux: My Throat Hurts and I Don't Know What to Do
  93. Struggling with Motivation for School Work
  94. Dealing with Anxiety in Social Situations
  95. Inconsistent Effects of Depression and Anxiety Pills
  96. Struggling with Mental Health and Schoolwork
  97. Was I Misdiagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes as a Child?
  98. Need advice on new bipolar medication
  99. Obsessive Counting: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  100. Struggling with Drinking and High Cholesterol
  101. Do Compression Socks Help with Circulation for Raynaud's?
  102. Introducing Myself: Living with Chronic Illness in Scotland
  103. Tapering off Escitalopram: Seeking Advice
  104. Severe Dissociation Episodes: Need Advice
  105. Dealing with Sensory Issues with Hair
  106. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Need Advice
  107. Struggling to Eat: What Do You Do When Nothing Sounds Good?
  108. Dealing with Chronic Illness While Traveling
  109. Struggling with Depression and Isolation
  110. Navigating Asexual Dating: How to Avoid Crossing Boundaries
  111. Depression Symptoms from Epilepsy Medication
  112. Need advice on Acroxia for fibromyalgia
  113. Managing Finances with ADD/ADHD
  114. Crackly Bones: Is It Normal?
  115. Braces for EDS/TMJ: Has Anyone Tried Them?
  116. Parenting Anxiety: Fear of the Future
  117. Connecting with Others Who Understand My Struggles
  118. Sudden Nausea and Abdominal Cramping During Period
  119. Advice on reducing Lamictal dosage for energy release?
  120. Need advice for male with severe depression
  121. What's the Best Way to Lose Weight?
  122. Need Help Understanding Fibromyalgia
  123. Starting My Weight Loss Journey with Plantar Fasciitis and Flat Feet
  124. Early Menopause and Head Issues After Breast Cancer
  125. Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria: How to Manage It?
  126. Coping with Low Mood: Seeking Advice
  127. Can't Sleep Without Music, Is This Normal?
  128. Misdiagnosed with Dysautonomia for 4 Years
  129. Has Anyone Been Misdiagnosed with Bipolar 2?
  130. Experiences with Pain Doctors?
  131. Dealing with Abdominal Pain: Need Advice
  132. Nervous about upcoming GI surgery
  133. Worried about my sister's COVID-19 case
  134. Need Info on Nerve Ablations for Back Pain
  135. Identifying Inflammatory Foods for Chronic Illness
  136. Dealing with Seroquel Weight Gain
  137. Prescribed Metformin for PCOS - Is it Common?
  138. Fear of Getting Sick and Infecting Others
  139. Finding Humor in Epilepsy
  140. Prescription NSAIDs for Chronic Pain and Dental Issues
  141. Anxiety Triggers: How to Cope with PTSD-Related Anxiety
  142. Looking for advice on managing PNES and FND
  143. Seroquel causing sleep eating?
  144. Duration of Mono Symptoms
  145. Dealing with Acid Reflux and Phobia of Vomiting
  146. Feeling the Effects of Prozac
  147. Help with an Oral Fixation Addiction
  148. Chronic Pain and Ineffective Painkillers
  149. My journey to an ASD diagnosis
  150. Looking for fellow cancer survivors to share experiences with
  151. Newly Diagnosed with Fibro, Struggling to Cope
  152. Has anyone experienced a rash from Lamictal?
  153. Looking for reviews on Zebeta for POTS treatment
  154. Tips for Taking a Social Media Break with ADHD
  155. Do I Have Autism? Need Help!
  156. Losing My Balance: Possible MS Diagnosis
  157. Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts and Anxiety
  158. Advice on getting diagnosed with autism
  159. How did your fibromyalgia start?
  160. Feeling Sick on a New Job
  161. Heart Pain and Anxiety: Is it Normal?
  162. Living with PsA and Osteoarthritis at a Young Age
  163. Neurology Department No Longer Seeing Chronic Migraine Patients?
  164. Difficulty in getting a HEDS/EDS diagnosis
  165. Need Help with Pain Medications
  166. What to Expect on Busporine 10mg?
  167. Struggling with Asthma Symptoms
  168. Christianity and Anxiety: Finding Peace in the Midst of Mental Illness
  169. Looking for advice on Ulcerative colitis diet
  170. Constant Palpitations with Health Anxiety
  171. Does Anxiety Affect IBS Symptoms?
  172. Struggling with Sugar Intolerance: Any Tips?
  173. First Pap Smear Tomorrow, Need Tips!
  174. Family Members with Mental Illness
  175. Experiencing Tactile Hallucinations with BPD
  176. Small lump on inner thigh - need advice
  177. Dealing with Antipsychotic Medication Withdrawal Symptoms
  178. Dealing with Chronic Emotional Numbness
  179. Scopophobia: Fear of Being Watched or Stared At
  180. Is Selective Mutism Only Anxiety-Based?
  181. How to distract yourself from pain?
  182. Autistic Peeps, Let's Talk Dysautonomia!
  183. Struggling to Calm Down at Work
  184. Is it worth getting an ADHD diagnosis without seeking medication?
  185. Looking for Supportive Pillows for Work from Home Setup
  186. Nervous about new psychiatrist and job
  187. Looking for Support from Others with Colon Cancer
  188. Should I Start Taking Birth Control Again?
  189. What is stimming and how does it relate to ASD?
  190. First Biopsy: Tips for Preparation
  191. Help! I Can't Stop Biting My Nails!
  192. Back Pain from Not Wearing a Bra
  193. Newbie with Fibromyalgia, GAD and Depression Seeking Support
  194. Stomach Pain After Eating - Any Tips?
  195. Navigating Relationships with Autism: Seeking Advice
  196. Dealing with Anxiety While Shopping Alone
  197. Struggling with Time Management at Work
  198. Struggling with Seasonal Depression in My Relationship
  199. Correlation between Long COVID and POTS
  200. Chest Pains with Fibromyalgia: Anyone Else?
  201. Tips for dealing with anxiety while driving?
  202. Dealing with Untriggered Panic Attacks for 11 Years
  203. Severe Stomach Pain and Discomfort
  204. Looking to Make Friends from Anywhere!
  205. Newly Diagnosed with UC: So Many Questions, No Answers
  206. Dealing with Health Anxiety: Worried About an Ulcer
  207. 30 Day Heart Monitor Results: Waiting for Answers
  208. Managing Eczema: Seeking Advice
  209. Looking for triggers of non-epileptic seizures
  210. Looking for advice on weight loss with PCOS and binge eating disorder
  211. Living with Mental Health Struggles
  212. Struggling with Depression and Anxiety
  213. Struggling with Hypothyroidism and Suspected ADHD
  214. Strange Shifting Fingers - Seeking Advice
  215. The Benefits of Pets for Your Mental Health
  216. Dealing with Social Anxiety at Parties
  217. Struggling with Misdiagnosis and Medication for PMDD and ADHD
  218. How to Stop Obsessive Hand Washing?
  219. Struggling to Remember Medication - Any Tips?
  220. Tips for managing Crohn's symptoms?
  221. Hydroxizine for Panic Attacks: Does it Work?
  222. What to eat before taking Lithium?
  223. Do BPD sufferers have delusions?
  224. Struggling with Endo/PCOS Diagnosis
  225. Obsessed with Staying in Bed: Is it Normal?
  226. My Terrifying Trip to the Dentist
  227. Starting Lexapro for Anxiety: Need Advice
  228. Feeling Numb and Stressed: How to Cope?
  229. Dealing with Pain in Cold Weather
  230. Coping with Brain Fog from Fibromyalgia
  231. Navigating Menstruation and Mental Health
  232. Struggling with Nausea and Eating Habits
  233. Dealing with Auditory Processing Disorder in a Bush Environment
  234. Balancing Health and Social Life: How Do You Do It?
  235. Do I Have POTS? Symptoms and Questions
  236. How to Explain Dyspraxia Without Being Called an Attention Seeker
  237. Rapid Heart Rate and Palpitations with GAD
  238. What's the best ADD/ADHD medication?
  239. Struggling with ADHD as a Single Parent
  240. Jaw Popping - Is it an EDS thing?
  241. Does Your Dental Hygiene Suffer When You're Unwell?
  242. Struggling with Lupus: Seeking Advice
  243. End of Chemotherapy: Share Your Experiences
  244. Inter Stim Device for Severe Urinary Retention
  245. Defining Neurodivergent: What It Means and Who It Includes
  246. Mum with Fibromyalgia, Anxiety and Depression Seeking Support
  247. ADHD medication with PoTS
  248. Struggling with Chronic Pain: Need Suggestions
  249. Dealing with Post-Brain Tumor Headaches
  250. Need advice for fluctuating heart rate and blood pressure
  251. Pelvic Pain After Bowel Movement
  252. Do I have ADHD? Worried about faking symptoms
  253. Dealing with Depression, Anxiety and Diabetes: What's Your Biggest Challenge?
  254. Bladder and Ovary Problems with Cerebral Palsy
  255. How to Convince Doctors to Give Pain Medication to Young People?
  256. Shortness of breath with GERD?
  257. Feeling shunt movement: Is it normal?
  258. Struggling at College and Applying for EHCP
  259. Quetiapine and Weight Gain: Need Advice
  260. Coil for Endometriosis: Effective Treatment?
  261. Tips for Managing Fatigue and Tiredness
  262. New here and struggling with health
  263. Looking for Support and Connection with Chronic Illness
  264. Struggling with Selective Mutism in Teenage Years
  265. Possible POTS Diagnosis: Constant Dizziness and Passing Out
  266. Can Fasting Help My IBS Symptoms?
  267. Finally got an appointment for COVID rehab clinic!
  268. When to Expect Amitriptyline Effects: A Guide
  269. Am I the Only One Who Gets Obsessive with New Relationships?
  270. Managing Heart Palpitations: Seeking Advice
  271. Struggling with Sjogrens: Dry Mouth and Sleepless Nights
  272. Why Do My Ears Get So Warm?
  273. Dealing with Incontinence at a Young Age
  274. Taking Hydroxizine and Buspirone Together
  275. Struggling to Remember to Eat and Drink with ADHD Medication
  276. Advice for Being Sick with POTS and Fibro?
  277. How to differentiate between regular anxiety and hypochondria?
  278. Confidence Issues Due to ADHD or Autism
  279. Are My Medical Conditions Linked?
  280. Share an Interesting Fact About Your Alters or System
  281. New to the app, looking for advice on fibromyalgia and EDS symptoms
  282. Random Chest Pains - Anyone Else?
  283. Has anyone tried Ketamine for depression or anxiety?
  284. Overcoming Barriers to Medical Care as a Medical Student with Somatization Disor…
  285. Dealing with ADHD and GAD: Seeking Advice on Medication
  286. Advice for getting NHS Doctors to listen?
  287. Need suggestions for weight gain with ulcerative colitis diagnosis
  288. What to expect from propanolol? Seeking advice
  289. Question about Asthma Symptoms
  290. Living a Normal Life After Gall Bladder Polyp Removal
  291. Do I have alters linked to my BPD?
  292. Struggling with Diabetes and Eating Habits
  293. Ligament Tear Surgery: Is it Worth the Pain and Rehab?
  294. Struggling with Ulcerative Colitis Diagnosis and Flare Ups
  295. Help! I can't poop and it's ruining my Christmas plans
  296. Looking for alternative treatments for hEDS
  297. Looking for Friends on Finch to Help with Motivation
  298. Shower Horror: Imagining Vengeful Entities
  299. Looking for advice on epilepsy
  300. Newly diagnosed with FND, looking for support
  301. Looking for advice on IonPure air purifier
  302. Feeling dreadful and in pain, is this normal?
  303. Feeling Unreal: An Existential Crisis
  304. How do I know if I have GERD?
  305. Benefits and Risks of Feeding Tubes
  306. Tips for Dealing with Cymbalta and Gabapentin Side Effects?
  307. Latuda and Cannabis: Can't Get High Anymore
  308. Tips for Managing Pain During Fibro Flare and Menstruation
  309. Struggling to Sleep on Zoloft: Any Suggestions?
  310. Looking for sleep medication without weight gain side effect
  311. Best way to track symptoms?
  312. Christmas Gifts for Everyone in the System
  313. Internal Vaginal Ultra Sound: Tips and Tricks?
  314. Concerns about Azathioprine side effects
  315. Intestinal Issues and PCOS: Seeking Advice
  316. Losing Weight with ADHD and Impulse Issues: Tips and Tricks
  317. Explaining Depression and Anxiety to a Loved One
  318. Feeling Lost with DID
  319. Going off antidepressants: Increased anxiety and panic attacks?
  320. Merry Christmas!
  321. BPD and Age Regression: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  322. Can an alter be permanently mute if the host is mute due to brain injuries?
  323. Asthma and Menstruation: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  324. Dealing with GERD Flare Up: Need Tips!
  325. Best time to take Zoloft?
  326. Benefits of Being Officially Diagnosed with Autism
  327. New to the App, Suspecting POTS: High Resting Heart Rate and Mental Health
  328. Tips for Accepting the Need for a Wheelchair
  329. Severe pain due to left sided hip dysplasia
  330. Dizziness and Nausea - Seeking Advice
  331. Seeking Advice on Buspirone Medication
  332. Struggling to Keep Taking My Medication
  333. Struggling to Sleep? Here are Some Tips!
  334. Looking for Friends with Similar Interests!
  335. Car Accident and Pain Management
  336. Do I Need Help? Questioning My Mental Health
  337. ADHD Meds and Appetite: Anyone Else Struggling?
  338. Dealing with Herx reaction during Lyme treatment
  339. Self-Isolation and Social Anxiety
  340. Zoning out while driving, is it normal?
  341. Alters and Weather: A Dissociative Experience
  342. Miscarriage at 18: Needing Support
  343. New to the app, looking for friends with similar struggles
  344. Dealing with Stage 4 Kidney Disease as a T1D
  345. Seeking Insight on Possible Autoimmune Disorder Diagnosis
  346. Dealing with Migraines: Seeking Advice
  347. Dealing with Chronic Migraines: Seeking Advice
  348. Looking for Zoloft experiences
  349. Tips for Stretching Tendons with ADHD Toe Walking
  350. What drinks help with POTs symptoms?
  351. Need help with migraines
  352. Starting Testosterone Tomorrow: How Did You Manage Waiting for Changes?
  353. Feeling Guilty About My Spending Habits
  354. Heart Palpitations: What Could Be Causing Them?
  355. My First Night on Latuda: A Positive Experience
  356. Looking for someone with Bladder Exstrophy
  357. Living with Dissociative Disorder: My Experience
  358. Best Heated Appliances for Pain Relief
  359. Looking for Support with Mental Health Struggles
  360. Struggling to Lose Weight for Knee Replacements
  361. Took the Wrong Medicine, Now Feeling Hot Flashes
  362. Experiences with Prozac for GAD?
  363. Am I Autistic? How to Tell if You Have Autism
  364. Tips for Managing Endometriosis Flare Ups
  365. Dealing with Narcolepsy: My Struggle with Sleepiness
  366. Tips for reading with undiagnosed ADHD?
  367. Do your littles speak in gibberish?
  368. Tips for Managing Fatigue with School/Work?
  369. ADHD and Anxiety: Worried About Stimulant Medication?
  370. Feeling Zoned Out and Exhausted - Need Help!
  371. Share your Wellbutrin stories with me!
  372. Need ADHD Meal Ideas
  373. When to go to Urgent Care with Chronic Health Issues and Pain?
  374. Considering Chiropractic Treatment for My Back Pain
  375. Libre Appointment Tomorrow - Will I Get It?
  376. Dealing with Endometriosis and Fertility Issues
  377. Scared to take Abilify, need advice
  378. Newly Diagnosed with Dyspraxia: Seeking Tips and Resources
  379. Extreme Abdominal Pain and Nausea
  380. Cannabis for Gastroparesis: Does it Help?
  381. Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts in OCD
  382. Explaining CFS to Family: Tips and Tricks
  383. Dealing with Chronic Illness and Income Protection Insurance
  384. Hysterectomy for Adenomyosis without PCOS?
  385. Taking Lexapro and Wellbutrin together - experiences?
  386. Dealing with Tinnitus: Seeking Advice
  387. Holiday Stress and Self-Care
  388. Dealing with Painful Restless Leg Syndrome at Night
  389. Struggling with Depression and Staying Motivated
  390. Living with Health Conditions: How They've Impacted My Life
  391. Starting Therapy: Nervous and Defeated
  392. Need help remembering to take my meds
  393. Pulsating feeling in the back of my head near my neck
  394. Switched from Lexapro to Zoloft and now I'm throwing up
  395. Struggling with Anxiety: Need Help with Art Therapy
  396. Dealing with Disability in a Relationship
  397. Parenting and Weed: Is it Okay?
  398. Just diagnosed with HSV-1, need advice!
  399. Sore Legs During Fibromyalgia Flare-Up
  400. Forgetfulness from Medication Use
  401. Struggling with Medication Management
  402. Considering a Feeding Tube for Slow Stomach and Dysphagia
  403. Struggling with ADHD and medication
  404. Need advice for hand dermatitis
  405. ADHD Medication and Late Periods: Any Experiences?
  406. Non-opioid painkillers?
  407. Help with Autism Assessment and Aid for Adults
  408. Intense Nausea and Chest Pain - Seeking Advice
  409. Preparing for College with Depression: Seeking Advice
  410. Tips for Losing Weight with Fibromyalgia
  411. New to the Community: Looking for Type One Diabetics to Chat About Sugars and Mo…
  412. Starting Testosterone: Looking for Trans Community Support
  413. Stomach Still Not Back to Normal After H Pylori Treatment
  414. Late ASD/ADHD Diagnosis and Childhood Trauma Connection
  415. Dealing with Outbursts and Meltdowns: Tips for ADHD and Autism
  416. The Importance of Using the Correct ADHD Terminology
  417. Struggling with Height Dysphoria
  418. Heart Ablation Recovery: Share Your Experience
  419. What's the First Step to Getting Diagnosed with AS?
  420. Struggling with Menopause: Need Help with Sex Drive
  421. Rapid Mood Swings with Bipolar: Is it Normal?
  422. Carbamazepine causing lymph node swelling and liver enzyme spike?
  423. Possible BPD Diagnosis, Need Advice
  424. Gabapentin for IC Pain Relief: Does it Work?
  425. Shoulder Pain in EDS: Is it Normal?
  426. Dealing with Long Term Flare Ups of hEDS
  427. Eliminating Eczema Triggers: What Works?
  428. What Does a Butterfly/Malar Rash Look Like?
  429. Amitriptyline for GI Issues: Anyone Else Struggling with Medication Anxiety?
  430. Escaping Reality: Coping Mechanism or Warning Sign?
  431. My Wisdom Tooth Needs to be Pulled and I'm Scared
  432. Looking for information on Vagal AF
  433. Looking for someone to chat with about my mental health struggles
  434. Losing Personal Items Due to System Members
  435. Celebrating Holidays Alone with Mental Illnesses: Tips and Tricks
  436. Severe Stabby Pain in Left Ovary Area with PCOS
  437. Introducing myself as a trans wheelchair user with multiple conditions
  438. Relieving Overactive Bladder Flareups
  439. Looking for alternatives to compression stockings for blood pooling
  440. First Gender Clinic Appointment as a Teenage Trans Guy
  441. Struggling to Lose Weight with No Appetite?
  442. Struggling with Anxiety-Induced Insomnia
  443. Finally Found a Care Plan That Works for Me!
  444. Excited to Meet Like-Minded People
  445. Dealing with Fibromyalgia and Degenerative Disk Disease
  446. Hair Loss Due to Stress and Mental Illness
  447. Do you believe in regression in regards to autism?
  448. Dealing with Chronic Illness: My Journey and Goals
  449. Nausea and other symptoms before bowel movement
  450. Struggling with Depression Since Christmas Night
  451. Dealing with Nocturnal Panic Attacks
  452. Has anyone experienced bone loss with Orlissa?
  453. Emotional Rollercoaster: Laughing and Crying in Minutes
  454. Possible Ankylosing Spondylitis Diagnosis Without HLA B-27 Gene
  455. Dealing with Hair Loss Due to Malnutrition
  456. Struggling with ADHD and Depression: Coping without Medication
  457. Struggling with Brushing My Teeth
  458. Leg Pain: Growing Pains or Something More?
  459. What symptoms do you experience with Lupus?
  460. Questioning My Neurodivergence: Seeking Opinions
  461. Remedy for Restless Legs Syndrome?
  462. Coping with Overwhelming Emotions
  463. Recently Diagnosed with Bipolar: Need Advice
  464. Bandaids and Psoriasis: A Painful Combination
  465. Living with Chronic Pain: My Story
  466. Tips for getting an autism/ADHD diagnosis?
  467. Feeling Lonely and Tired: Anyone Else?
  468. Need College Advice for Managing ADHD, Depression, PTSD, and Anxiety
  469. Struggling with Masculine and Feminine Features as a Trans Man
  470. Looking for natural anxiety remedies
  471. Trans Man with Endometriosis Seeking Advice on Starting Testosterone
  472. Looking for Someone to Talk to About Possible Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis
  473. Struggling with College Work Due to Fatigue and Brain Fog
  474. ADHD and Possible Autism - Seeking Community Support