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I know physiologically, my progesterone and estrogen levels are low. My eczema is flaring up, and my back hurts. I pee more often despite not drinking much water as of late. I’m in my “pre-period” phase. I know that. Behaviorally? I’m more self critical. Usually, my dysphoria would be eating me whole at this time. But I got a haircut yesterday. Think a combination of Casca and Hange. Very gender affirming. I got to see an old friend today. Things are going well! I got an interview tomorrow for a job I really want and need. I graduated college, but at what *cost*. But I am happy that, although my family and I are struggling financially, we’re ok. We have food. We have a roof. Currently, I also sense no real conflict either. My mom didn’t like my haircut at first, but this morning she tearfully told me, “you look like my late sister more than ever.” I never met my aunt she always told me I looked like. Other family members say the same when we visit. I wish I could’ve met her. The guy I was talking to seems to have ghosted me. I have the thought he did at least. I hope this doesn’t breakdown our dnd group. Man. This is honestly the only thing that seems to have a grip on me. I love coming back to write here. It’s been a while-ish. I feel better afterwards too. It’s sort of like validating my own feelings. Laying them out and being able to breathe. Yeah. Take care everyone. And happy holidays!!

    • FS_cookielove


      Congratulations, good luck, and happy holidays

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