does anyone have experience in dealing with seroquel weight gain?


Seroquel Xr • Type: Oral

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  • nsiberian


    It makes me hungry, every day after I take it... I feel like seroquil wants sugar, the sweets I crave is stupid. I was doing really good for a while making keto desserts, that def helped. But I try to eat things like peanut butter and jelly in a bowl, popcorn, string cheese, nuts, and fresh berries. And feel completely satisfied, as if I did eat that damn donut. It's the willpower I lack lately The struggle is real. I hope I was helpful and I'm interested in any other opinions any one has on this great debacle

  • lune_mermxid


    Same here. 😭✋ Since I've been on quetiapine (seroquel), the weight gain has been unbelievable. I'm just eating what I crave and it's starting to take a toll in me

  • Teardrops


    I have been on Quetiapine XR for a while now. Nit sure how long. But several factors are contributing to my requesting a medication change and so my psychiatrist is weaning me off this and put me on something else. Can’t remember what that is right now. Oh yea it’s was Trokendi XR

  • Fwd1982


    🙌omg yes i crave sugar everytime i take it and im on 100mg of serequel and i have gained 80 pounds since i have been taking it

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