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does anyone else have a diagnosis story? when i was first having migraines, my family misplaced it as anxiety, but my psychiatrist knew there was something more and sent me to my cardiologist. he had suspicions it was POTS, and i was on a high salt diet, instructed to drink 6 bottles of water, blood pressure medication ( midodrine). i could tell something was off, bc none of his advice was working. months of treatment, + my symptoms worsened. after having a major migraine, where i fainted, couldn’t speak, or move. i was sent to the ER, where they thought it was a stroke. after four days of tests, and therapy, they’d finally told me it was migraines and suggested i go to a neurologist. i’ve been on medication for years and i’m finally in a good place.

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      I still remember the date. 1/6/1992 was my first migraine. Lasted 6 days. Sent to neurologist who didnt listen and made it worse with trying Prozac. That resulted in ALl top 6 of its known side effects. It also made the fairly recent tremors intolerable. Dropped him when he bolding said that those side effects couldnt have been from the drug. I found his trusty Physicians Drug Reference in the library, bingo Top 6!!!! I learned to do my own homework and advocate for myself. The next year i found out that Imitrex came out (injection only and only a 2 pack originally); i got it. Been on Imitrex now for 30 years, thank goodness tablets, but migraines 95% of the time gone in 1 hour. Got doctors have even fight insurance company for higher months quantity. Nowadays with generics, doc just writes a separate script that doesnt go through insurance.

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