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Recently miscarried and would like some support, doctors said it was my hormones not being at the correct levels due to PCOS, this was quite hard for me to come to terms with as I am only 18.

    • GooseMcDweeb


      I was the same age when I first miscarried, and I also have PCOS. I just wanted to share with you that just over a decade later I have four beautiful children who were conceived naturally and carried to full-term. Sadly with our condition it does make early losses more common, and nothing ever takes away the grief we feel. I beat myself up so much over my broken body, and feeling like I was somehow worthless because I couldn't do what I saw was a fundamental part of life. What was pointed out to me that I was glad for was that not all pregnancies are viable, in those with PCOS and those without, and the pregnancies I have lost were not viable pregnancies, they were not meant to be and each pregnancy is different. Conceiving is the first huge hurdle of carrying children with PCOS, and we did it. I know right now it feels like the darkest of times, but it gradually gets lighter again. Thinking of you.

    • GoddessWinter


      Hey hun I know right you are struggling and I know it’s super hard, but feel your feelings. It never gets easier but you do learn to live with it. The only thing I can say it’s if you choose to get pregnant again track not only your period and ovulation but your hormones and how you’re feeling daily. PCOS means you’re high risk so you’ve got to take it easy, this was no one’s fault. Ask your doctors if there are any precautions you can take next time.

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