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1y ago

Tips for getting an autism/ADHD diagnosis?

does anyone have any tips on getting an autism/adhd diagnosis? i've had my symptoms as long as i can remember but only realized what it might be a couple years ago.

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1y ago

I was diagnosed this year and I heard that waiting times have been pretty bad. I got really lucky. Check your local colleges/universities for diagnosis. I found a psychologist near me that charged me the least (colleges near me had full queues) even when I looked out of state. I told my psychologist that I wanted closure on whether or not I have autism. Luckily he is very up to date on autism and I got the closure that I needed. Good luck!! :)


1y ago

Getting a diagnosis is hard these days for especially autism, I was lucky when I was very young to be diagnosed since doctors picked up on it straight away. Do try to request to be seen but if you can give some sort of eye contact I know some doctors will refuse to accept any other symptoms even though in autism you don’t have to not be able to give eye contact to be autistic as I can give eye contact but after short periods of time I will get uncomfortable yet doctors even with that now will refuse

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