Ive been dealing with migraines ever since i was young snd they have been getting worse. I havent found the cause of them yet and have been on beta blockers and preventative medication which have not worked and take sumatriptan during bad migraines which also doesnt not work. I have a very bad fear of veins and anything that is intravenous so i havent been able to get my blood drawn to test for anything. Is anybody else in this situation? My doctor says my current medication is the last resort for my age but it still isnt working.

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  • Flower2


    I was going through the same thing and I've now had one round of botox shots and its actually helped!

  • Beetlejuul


    Sumatriptan never worked for me either I’m on meds now that still do nothing. I’ve had migraines since I was six and no dr ever thought to try me on anything other that sumatriptan. I didn’t know how long it was supposed to take to take effect so I was actually unmedicated and sleeping off my migraines cuz it never worked

  • Teardrops


    I have had migraines for 3 or so decades. I have tried a lot pretty much nothing works. Done the Botox. Supposed to get it on Tuesday (crap—— I am sick and probably won’t be able to get it again because of being sick). This is the 3 attempt to get it. From the current doctor. And since she hasn’t seen me since September and has no doctors’s notes about Vypeti and if that helped insurance would approve for another infusion. (Get one every 3 months is what it is supposed to be). Done the tryptans. Sumatriptan, Noratriptan, Nurtec, Ajovy, Emgality and the other one. Did the Trokendi and Topamax and several others. Dark room, sleep, ice pack and avoid life. .

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