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I may have a crush on this guy that I met online, but I’m not sure. I am asexual and have never had a crush before. I do have really high empathy and get easily attached, so it could just be that. It could also be a squish (platonic crush) We met on a dating app and we are both autistic, ADHD, asexuals We get along really well, and are both super nerds (I got him obsessed with toh within a week). We agreed to go slow, just start by being friends I think I really like him, and would like to try dating in a little while, but I’ve never had a healthy relationship before I’m not sure I ever really liked my ex’s or if I just didn’t want to be lonely, but regardless, they were all kinda toxic and would pressure me into doing things I wasn’t comfortable with and I’ve learned from experience that I don’t tend to fight back. I have some underlying trauma of people leaving me and making fun of me when I wasn’t useful or if I did something unusual or just didn’t do something they wanted me to do, so I have a hard time saying no, even if I really don’t want to do it. How can I handle this situation without ruining this friendship, or when I ask him out, how do I avoid crossing my boundaries?

    • MixedBag0fMess


      Update that no one asked for: I realized while writing this that I absolutely had a crush, it took me a few days but I eventually (under sleep deprivation) told him This relationship already feels different from my previous ones. Like way different. There was always a like, a little cold feeling that I ignored. That’s completely gone. I just feel warm and happy.

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