i havent been diagnosed but ive been told the sudden overwhelming urge to fall asleep/actively starting to fall asleep is a narcolepsy thing. it could be other things, but im not sure what itd be. modafinil helps, but im adjusting to it. sleepiness sucks: i hate starting to fall asleep all the time


Cataplexy & Narcolepsy


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    I was diagnosed with narcolepsy my 2nd semester of college (I definitely had it my whole life, it was just never an issue until then). It became an issue for me because I started falling asleep in classes I was genuinely interested in, and the time would be at noon (so not even late in the day). There was no reason for me to be falling asleep in those classes. I told my neurologist and they scheduled a sleep study (since it MUST have something to do with my epilepsy), but was diagnosed with ✨narcolepsy✨ instead. I took modafinil, it gave me migraines. I hope it works for you. I take Vyvanse now. My biggest advice I guess, how much of an issue is your sleepiness? How much does it concern you? (i.e. do you get tired driving or doing other activities?) How much does it interfere with your everyday life? Take those answers to your doctor

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