Posts on Alike for February 2023

  1. Tips for Boosting Energy and Memory
  2. Gas Leak Symptoms: What to Look Out For
  3. Is There Any Endometriosis Treatment That Can Improve Pain During Intercourse?
  4. Looking for Sober Friends and Dealing with Guilt as a Parent in Recovery
  5. Dealing with Extreme Menstrual Pain
  6. Looking for Low Impact Workouts at Home
  7. Struggling to Communicate: How Do I Get Better?
  8. Unofficially Diagnosed with ADHD - Need Advice
  9. Need help calming my daily panic attacks
  10. Need advice on how to handle public interactions with my autism service dog
  11. Regretting My Breakup: Need Advice
  12. Managing GERD: My Journey to Healing
  13. Struggling with Work Anxiety
  14. Nervous about upcoming autism assessment and big move
  15. Sleeping more during a flare up: helpful or harmful?
  16. Looking for EMDR therapy buddies
  17. Difficulty Swallowing Sertraline: Any Tips?
  18. Need advice for my psoriasis flare-up
  19. Fibromyalgia and Memory Loss: Anyone Else Experiencing This?
  20. Altitude and Symptoms: Seeking Advice
  21. Considering a Mobility Aid: Seeking Advice
  22. Feeling like I'm on a boat
  23. Living with OCD and Chronic Illness: Looking for Support
  24. Feeling Dizzy and Lightheaded for 24 Hours - Any Remedies?
  25. How to Distract Yourself from Harmful Thoughts
  26. Tips for first-time Adderall users with ADHD diagnosis
  27. Struggling with Joint Locking and Walking
  28. Asking My Psychologist About Autism Diagnosis
  29. Dealing with Social Anxiety as a Young Person Using a Cane
  30. Looking for experiences with anti-depressants
  31. Low Dose Beta Blockers and Energy Levels
  32. Intense cramps after orgasm, anyone else?
  33. Anxious about my new medication
  34. Dealing with Hair Loss and IBD
  35. Need Help with Sciatica Pain Relief
  36. Struggling with Layers in Cold Weather
  37. Is the FODMAP diet effective for managing IBS?
  38. Struggling to Eat Healthier and Get Fit
  39. Considering a cane for bad hip and knee days
  40. Considering Stopping My Medication
  41. Concerned About Serotonin Syndrome After Taking Vyvanse and Duloxetine
  42. Can't Sleep, Mind Won't Stop Racing
  43. Considering switching medication for lack of motivation
  44. Worse Side of Body?
  45. Help for IBS Bloating
  46. Tooth Cramps: Tips for Dealing
  47. Need Help with Erythromelalgia Symptoms
  48. Best Diet for Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Relief
  49. Struggling with Insomnia: Any Tips?
  50. Struggling with IBS and Stress
  51. Experiences with PT for EDS/POTS symptoms?
  52. Looking for EDS Support Group Chat
  53. New to the Community and Struggling with Medication Change
  54. Pregnancy with EDS: Seeking Advice from Fellow Zebras
  55. Need Encouragement for Fibro Flare and Leg Pain
  56. Arm pain with POTS
  57. Concerns about Ovarian Cysts
  58. MS vs Fibro: How to Get an Accurate Diagnosis
  59. Hobbies in Hospital: What Have You Picked Up?
  60. Dealing with Endo Belly: Tips and Advice
  61. Chiropractic Care for EDS: Yay or Nay?
  62. Post-Gallbladder Surgery Woes
  63. Weird Tasting Burps and Farts - Need Advice
  64. Trusting My Fibromyalgia Diagnosis
  65. Seeking advice for getting diagnosed with OCD
  66. Covered in Hives and Swollen Hands: Stress Related?
  67. Looking for Birth Control Without Weight Gain or Facial Hair
  68. Looking for advice on migraine medication
  69. Therapist not supportive of my need for consistency
  70. Looking for BPD Medication Advice
  71. Losing Weight with PCOS: Tips and Tricks
  72. Looking for Information on Poly Myalgia Rheumatica
  73. Struggling with Anxiety Due to Back Injury
  74. What is the 'I Can't Wait' Card and How Does it Work?
  75. Looking for advice on a health issue
  76. What vitamins do you take and why?
  77. Looking for Support with Atrial Fibrillation Diagnosis
  78. Looking for advice on Zoloft for depression and anxiety
  79. Overcoming Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia: Need Advice!
  80. Struggling with Anxiety in High School
  81. Looking for tips on dealing with hemiplegic migraines
  82. Struggling with Endometriosis Diagnosis
  83. Struggling to Recognize Tics with Autism and Tourette's
  84. Severe Depression After TBI: Anyone Else?
  85. Curious about B12 levels
  86. Head Pressure When Waking Up - Need Advice
  87. Recommendations for Chronic Pain Relief
  88. My First Cane: A New Step Towards Pain-Free Mobility
  89. Concerns about taking sumatriptan with sertraline
  90. Understanding the Differences Between Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  91. Need Help Understanding My Lab Results
  92. Electric Shock Sensation in Hip and Leg Twitching
  93. IBS and Anxiety: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  94. Looking for a CGM Companion App for Android
  95. Tips for managing ADHD symptoms without medication
  96. Struggling to Balance Work and Hobbies
  97. Need Help with Constipation and Cramps
  98. How to Improve Your Health and Well-being
  99. Coping with a Chronic Diagnosis: Seeking Advice
  100. EMG Procedure: What to Expect?
  101. Is a TENS Unit Worth Buying for Chronic Back and Shoulder Pain?
  102. Should I ReMask? Seeking Advice on Social Anxiety
  103. Daily Use of Anxiety Medication
  104. Struggling to Balance Uni and Chronic Pain
  105. Looking for Support and Understanding with BPD
  106. Looking for POTS Recommendations
  107. How to Get a Service Dog for Anxiety?
  108. Feeling Blah with Fibromyalgia
  109. Coping with Diagnosis and Medication for Mental Health
  110. Dealing with Brain Fog and Fatigue
  111. Cooking Through Depression and Pain
  112. Back Tics: Am I Alone?
  113. Dealing with Unwanted Hair and Hyperpigmentation due to PCOS
  114. Should I Get Tested for H-EDS?
  115. Seeking Insight on Arthritis Symptoms
  116. Switching from Zoloft to Prozac for Anxiety: Opinions?
  117. Sharp Pain in Ribs and Crunching Sound in Knee
  118. Should I Get a Wheelchair? Exploring the Pros and Cons
  119. Managing POTs with Anxiety and Depression
  120. Looking for advice on POTS testing
  121. New to the App, Seeking Anxiety Support and Friendship
  122. Overcoming Social Anxiety: Talking to Strangers
  123. Starting Lexapro for Anxiety: Need Advice
  124. Need advice on managing lymphedema as a plus-size woman
  125. Stuck on the Toilet After Eating Takeout
  126. Dealing with Breakup Anxiety and Mutual Friends
  127. Dizziness and Tiredness from Mental Health Medication?
  128. Struggling to Do Homework: Need Tips!
  129. Visceral dissociative episodes
  130. Finally diagnosed with ADHD!
  131. Dealing with Tonsil Stones: Tips and Tricks
  132. Struggling to Play Instruments with EDS
  133. Seeking Advice on Two New Medications
  134. Raynauds Phenomenon and Elvanse: Anyone Else Experienced This?
  135. Hip pain when laying on left side
  136. Leg Pain with Dysautonomia: Anyone Else?
  137. How my cat helps me remember to take my meds
  138. Medical Marijuana for PTSD: Seeking Advice
  139. Trying to Figure Out My Seizures
  140. Deep-seated pain in my back - Fibro or CRPS?
  141. Coping with Depression: Tips and Tricks
  142. Looking for Flexible Online Work Due to Health Issues
  143. Trying to beat this cold before work tomorrow
  144. Coping with Misophonia: Seeking Advice and Support
  145. Seeking Advice on Geodon: Is it Worth Trying?
  146. Struggling with Chronic Fatigue
  147. What is C-PTSD? Should I be concerned?
  148. Reduce Insomnia Symptoms with Polyphasic Sleep
  149. Feeling like my joint is going to dislocate with EDS
  150. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Any Tips?
  151. Struggling with Eating: Need Suggestions
  152. Loud Joints and Stiffness: Anyone Else?
  153. Prescribed Pain Meds Not Working, Any Suggestions?
  154. Dealing with Barometric Pressure Headaches
  155. Dealing with Sensory Overload in School
  156. Question about Dexcom G6 receiver and transmitter
  157. Need Help Finding Healthier Alternatives to My Daily Ice Cream Fix
  158. Using the Spoonie Method to Describe Energy Levels
  159. Can Minors Get Medical Diagnoses Without Parental Consent?
  160. Need Help with Pain Management
  161. Looking for IBS Relief: Can Cannabis Help?
  162. When to be Concerned About Low Blood Pressure?
  163. Struggling with Mental Health Treatment
  164. Seizures that don't fully come out
  165. Nightmares about failing college exams
  166. My Struggle with Bipolar Disorder and Misdiagnosis
  167. Struggling to Wake Up on Duloxetine/Cymbalta
  168. Post-Outing Emotional Fallout: Is It Normal?
  169. How were you diagnosed with EDS?
  170. Dealing with Imposter Syndrome in Chronic Illness Communities
  171. Mirtazapine making me too drowsy, what to do?
  172. Living with Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia
  173. Period cramps or stomach pain?
  174. Dealing with Anxiety and Depression: My Journey to Recovery
  175. Seeking Advice on Possible Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis
  176. Advice on Trying New Medications
  177. My Wisdom Teeth Removal Experience
  178. Tips for First Rheumatologist Appointment
  179. Dealing with Sensory Overload in Public
  180. How to speed up the POTS diagnosis process?
  181. Seeking Advice on Seeing a Physiatrist for Chronic Pain
  182. Physical Symptoms of Autism: What Are Yours?
  183. Tips for Dealing with Sensory Nightmares and Body Awareness Issues
  184. Need advice on RA infusions
  185. Need advice on workplace uniform policy
  186. Looking for experiences with Pristiq
  187. Why aren't medical professionals aware of H-Eds?
  188. Living with PCOS: The Struggle is Real
  189. Struggling to eat after stomach bug
  190. Why does food make me sick?
  191. Exploring Non-Medicalized Views of Multiplicity and Plurality
  192. Looking for motivation to lose weight and manage diabetes and arthritis
  193. Need advice for severe pain and headache
  194. New Dog Owner Struggles: Help!
  195. Dealing with Dislocating Foot Bones in EDS
  196. Possible MCAS Symptoms - Need Advice
  197. Hydroxyzine causing itchiness and reduced effectiveness?
  198. Stuck in Bed with CFS: What to Do?
  199. Missing the 'Crazy' Parts
  200. Tips for Managing Nausea on Topiramate?
  201. Struggling with Prediabetes and Fatty Liver
  202. Navigating Multiple Medical Diagnoses and Social Interactions
  203. Struggling to Differentiate Between Platonic and Romantic Feelings
  204. Raw Onion Juice for Pain Relief: My Experience
  205. How to tell if Zoloft is working?
  206. Struggling with Executive Dysfunction
  207. How to Get a Free Service Dog in the US?
  208. Tips for Relieving Anxiety Stomach Aches
  209. Struggling with Depression: How to Find Happiness?
  210. Parenting with Fibromyalgia and Hypothyroidism: Tips Needed
  211. Challenges of Clothing for Disabled People: Seeking Feedback for Adaptive Clothi…
  212. Considering AAC for Communication Help
  213. Toe and Foot Anxiety: Anyone Else?
  214. Managing Nausea on Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil)
  215. Is it OCD, anxiety or control issues?
  216. Weird brain sensation - anyone else?
  217. Newly Diagnosed with Depression and IBS
  218. Questions about Ketamine Infusions and Insurance Coverage
  219. Struggling with ADHD and Productivity: How to Stop Doom Scrolling on Social Medi…
  220. Considering a Service Dog for Seizures: Need Advice
  221. Help! I Can't Stop Picking at My Face
  222. Flu and Fibromyalgia: Need Help!
  223. Is IBS Linked to Anxiety?
  224. Struggling with Thyroid Medication
  225. Questioning My Asexuality and Dealing with a Medical Concern
  226. Navigating Relationships with Autism: Seeking Advice
  227. What to Expect at a Neurologist Appointment?
  228. Need Help with Panic Attacks and Headaches
  229. Has anyone tried bladder installations?
  230. Looking for Medication Recommendations for Anxiety/OCD/Derealization
  231. Starting CBT Therapy with Vita Minds - Any Advice?
  232. Can You Be Aware of Psychotic Episodes?
  233. Going gluten-free for POTS and hEDS
  234. Headache or Migraine? Seeking Advice
  235. Prostap Injections for Endo Surgery: Anyone Tried Them?
  236. Relief from IBD Symptoms with Fenugreek
  237. Constant Fear of Being Watched or Attacked at Home
  238. Official OCD Diagnosis and Possible ADHD/Autism
  239. Dealing with a Severe Phobia of Mold
  240. Debilitating Hip Dislocations: Seeking Advice
  241. Looking for Seated Cardio Options for POTS Treatment
  242. Dental Pain During Periods: Any Other Women Experience This?
  243. How to know if you have ADHD?
  244. Struggling with Leg Ulcers: Seeking Advice
  245. Finding the Right Depression Medication: My Experience
  246. Seeking Scoliosis Relief Without Surgery or Braces
  247. Paxil and Weight Gain: Did it Happen to You?
  248. How Does Depression Affect Communication?
  249. Can Melatonin Help with Sleeping Troubles?
  250. Medication and Sleep Issues
  251. Coping with Depression: Tips and Tricks
  252. Newly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, experiencing pulsating eyelids and ringing in…
  253. Introduction and Struggles with Mental Health
  254. Just got diagnosed with hEDS!
  255. Looking for Advice on HRT for Trans Guys
  256. Mistaken Identity: Conditions Similar to hEDS Symptoms
  257. Looking for Information on Inflammatory Diseases
  258. Dealing with Lupus-Related Airway Inflammation
  259. Possible Misdiagnosis: Seeking Advice on Autism
  260. Dealing with OCD: To Test or Not to Test?
  261. What's your strangest anxiety symptom?
  262. Pain and Tingling in Hands with Type 1 Diabetes
  263. Is a Desktop Computer Beneficial for Someone with ADHD?
  264. Non-Medication Pain Relief Techniques
  265. Coping with a Restricted Life Due to Bad Health
  266. Managing Type 1 Diabetes: Struggles and Seeking Support
  267. Dealing with Social Anxiety: Does it Get Easier?
  268. Positive Experiences with Urgent Care for POTS Flares?
  269. Struggling with BPD diagnosis, seeking coping strategies
  270. Dealing with Sensory Overload Around Family and Friends
  271. Dealing with Irregular Breathing Disorder after COVID
  272. Need Help with Night Sweats and Hot Flashes
  273. Tips for Finding a Job with Physical Limitations and Food Allergies
  274. Debilitating Period Pains: Seeking Advice
  275. What to Expect at My Autism Diagnosis Tomorrow?
  276. Experiencing Multiple Health Issues - Need Advice
  277. Has anyone found the Finch app useful?
  278. Struggling with Mental Paralysis: How to Cope?
  279. Switching from Nurtec ODT to Emgality for Migraines
  280. Excited to start using my new insulin pump!
  281. Trying to Understand Myself: Could I Have Autism?
  282. Should I Get Diagnosed with ADHD?
  283. Insecure About Forehead Lines at Age 18
  284. First Relapse with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  285. Dealing with PCOS and Weight Loss
  286. Advice on Getting a Service Dog for Medical Alert and Psychiatric Needs
  287. Struggling with Medication Changes
  288. Feeling Lost: When You Don't Know What's Wrong
  289. How can I help my fiance with his mental illness?
  290. Struggling with Healthy Eating Habits
  291. Introduction and Sharing of Chronic Health Issues
  292. Looking for advice on autism diagnosis
  293. Mood Tracker App: A Blessing and a Curse
  294. Running out of medication
  295. Depression or Fatigue: Which Came First?
  296. Advice for Recovering from Stomach Bug as a Chronically Ill Person Living Alone
  297. Living with MS and BPD: My Story
  298. COVID and Fibromyalgia: Will This Change the Way We Look at Chronic Illness?
  299. Can Fibromyalgia be Contagious?
  300. Accepting My Chronic Illnesses: Tips for Starting the Disability Journey
  301. Hip Pain: How Can I Find Relief?
  302. Can't Sleep, Any Tips?
  303. My Journey with Mental Illness: Finding Hope and Strength
  304. Frustrated with Undiagnosed Autoimmune Disease Symptoms
  305. Anyone with experience in dialysis?
  306. What does Restless Leg Syndrome feel like? Need advice!
  307. Getting Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia: My Journey
  308. Using a Dummy/Pacifier for Age Regression
  309. Just got laid off, now what?
  310. Using TENS Machines for Endometriosis Pain
  311. Help for Pain with CRPS and Allodynia
  312. How to Get Diagnosed with Erythromelalgia?
  313. Has Anyone Had Endometriosis Whilst Being Overweight and/or No Periods?
  314. Considering Rumination Syndrome Diagnosis for Abdominal Pain and Regurgitation
  315. Can't Sleep, Brain Won't Shut Off
  316. Using Rum to Lighten Periods: Fact or Fiction?
  317. Looking for milk substitutes as someone with autism and IBS
  318. Struggling with Emotional Regulation: Advice Needed
  319. Looking for a PCOS diet without fish or veggies
  320. Can a complete transplant cure IBS?
  321. Dealing with Chronic Pain at Work
  322. How Does Myasthenia Gravis Affect Your Appearance?
  323. Struggling with Food as a Type 1 Diabetic
  324. Managing IBS and Sex: Tips and Tricks
  325. Tips for Dealing with Tension Headaches
  326. Heart Palpitations: Should I Be Concerned?
  327. Dealing with Agoraphobia and Mental Health Medications
  328. Recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, need advice
  329. Coping with Seasonal Depression and Mental Illness in the Workplace