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  • Tortie8


    On Citalopram, was 30mg now 20mg. It helps with panic but "flattens" the high points of life too.

  • jamjar


    i’m on venlafaxine 300mg, i find it helps productivity but i still feel shit, it also wears off after a few months and you have to up the dose, but in my experience most are like that, i did not get on with fluoxetine but my grandfather swears by it, sertraline wasn’t too bad as far as i can remember but it wasn’t doing enough for me- at the end of the day everyone reacts differently to each medication depending on their body that day, unfortunately it boils down to trial and error and what works the best over all. For example my meds can give me bad side effects some days but the benefits outweigh those. It’s probably not what you want to hear but it just takes time, but there are so many something will work for you to get you to a point where other therapies can start to have an effect, hang in there 👍

  • ItsSam


    Im on Hydroxizine and sertraline for my depression and anxiety. I don’t have any side effects so that’s good ig. 👍🏻

  • bubs34


    Sertraline and propranolol

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