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tw! I am describing my symptoms so I am trying to figure out my (maybe) seizures I've been talking to friends who are diagnosed with psychogenic seziures and explaining my symptoms pounding headache in the back of my skull before during and after (it almost feels like the shaking originates there), shaking legs hands and head, fuzzy or no memory of the event. I've only had a few that I can remember but I've been an extreme stress lately and haven't had any and I don't understand why. I am trying to see if I can get a diagnosis or at least some kind of testing.

    • Magicbugtea


      I had and still have similar symptoms to yours. My speech will slur or stutter and my eyes become extremely lazy. I also feel like someone threw an invisible weighted blanket on me and it won’t let up until the seizure subsides. I’ve notice my triggers so far are stress, lack of sleep, not enough food/water, PTSD flashbacks, and too much movement and not allowing myself to rest. Things that sometimes help prevent these feeling have been resting, letting go of my to-do lists, asking for help, deep breathing, and practicing mindfulness. Try to keep a record of your symptoms as best as you can. Duration, the trigger (if known), what you ate, if you had water, and if you have been sleeping at night. It can be hard writing things down especially if your exhausted after a seizure. But it can help your doctors, specialists, and yourself about the diagnosis. I hope this helps

    • KayeB


      Unfortunately everyones seizures come across so differently!! Its hard to say, but stress is a big thing that brings them on!

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