I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on Geodon. I am having a hard time with anti-psychotics. I tried Abilify and it made my anxiety go through the roof, a long with a lot of other side effects. I was going to be prescribed Latuda but it's just too expensive. I have seen mixed reviews on Geodon, so does anyone have a positive experience with it? Are the side effects bad?

Bipolar disorder with psychotic features

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  • Teardrops


    I wish I could help. I have very bad memory issues but I know I have been on it in the past. I just don’t remember the pros and cons of the medication I been on medications for my mental health for almost 25 years. Remembering what works and doesn’t Is hard. Some work for a while and then stop. And I have to switch and switch and try combo of medications. I hope it does work for you with little side effects if any

    • FrancesForever


      Thank you! I'm so sorry you have memory issues. I have been struggling with psych meds for at least 10 years, fingers crossed Geodon helps with my psychosis.

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