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hello want ways to stop sciatica pain if anyone knows of anything

    • 55isMe


      I bought that BeActive pressure point brace thing. I tried the original version because it was available sooner. That was not useful at all. But i also bought the newer Beactive Plus Deluxe from it works for both me and my brother. Each have only had to wear it sporatically for a couple hours each time. Id highly recommend trying. $72 for 2 with shipping and more breathable fabric as i have reaction to long term neoprene contact. Order receipt email has " customer service for any questions or concerns. Customer service is available from Monday through Friday from 8am - 8pm EST (5am - 5pm PST). Phone: 1-800-340-3418 or for customer service inquires please email Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery." Ps. While waiting, i made my own version and inprefer it for nighttime. I used fairly low compression compression kneehi. I folded 2 terry cloth makeup removers each into 4's. And i stacked them in the kneehi at the same position as the Beactive's. To chek location, push the stack with palm into back/side of calf. If you dont feel it, you are not in the right spot. Sometimes i only use 1 instead of 2. First times, simply check. You dont want too much pressure that you are causing more harm than good. Ive heard reviews say that it doesnt work and some say that it cant. I can just say that it did work. Stopped 6 weeks of sciatica. Some rebound and for me especially at night. For night, i only used my homemade version with 1 pad as light pressure and breathable too.

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