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How strongly is IBS linked to anxiety? I’ve had IBS symptoms for as long as I can remember now, and only recently got tested for it and my results came negatively, suggesting I don’t have IBS, but I experience intense bloating, burping, gas, cramps and all that comes with it. My mum suggested it could be caused by anxiety, but I don’t know how bad my anxiety would have to be for me to experience these symptoms, I get really bad shortness of breath almost everyday and I’ve had two panic attacks in the past few months. I wouldn’t consider my anxiety as bad as other people’s but if it’s causing this much pain and bloating…

    • GreenEyeGoblin


      One of my parents has Irritable Bowel Disease, which is different to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, in the UK there is no test for IBS. Their IBD is triggered by stress rather than food. I have IBS, I do experience nervous bowel movements however these are always exacerbated by the following. I find fizzy pop causes me excess internal discomfort, eating too much spicy food, dairy, gluten, fried foods or alcohol can set me off, I don't think I'm intolerant to all of them, just excessive amounts of any of them. My IBS was triggered by an inappropriate prescription years ago & I live with it now. I have been listening to the ZOE health podcast & experimenting with food & have seen significant improvement (in my lower abdomen symptoms) over the last year, eating each food group in moderation, eating things my good gut bacteria should enjoy. When adding more fermented foods, fruit & veg I did find my gas & discomfort got temporarily worse before it started getting better. I would have been incapable of attempting any of this pre ADHD Dx & medication, I also now understand that my eating was very disordered throughout my teens and early twenties, though not identifiable as any specific ED. I know I haven't answered your actual question but hopefully some of this might be useful information for you.

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