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any advice on navigating relationships when autistic? I really struggle understanding other people's perspectives.

    • FlyingLizards


      I struggle with relationships a lot and have never been able to actually start one with someone but as far as understanding them I find it helpful to talk to the other gender in a platonic way to hear their relationship stories and struggles and see how a girl gets approached by a guy and things they struggle with. It helps me identify the things guys aren't good at and where I need to improve. Things I do that bother girls but would never be told to my face. It's important to realize I think that we all have struggles and different perspectives and what's easy or makes sense for one may not for someone else and that's especially true with relationships. As a guy I try to be someone a platonic female friend can rant to about guys because I learn from it and it's honestly kind of fun not having to be the bad guy and realize that yeah that thing he's doing is super dumb and would be if I did it too but we're not talking about me lol I realize it can probably come across as nosy to girls, but if you're close to them it's not so bad, especially if you trade off stories. I rant about my girl troubles to platonic female friends sometimes because they seem to understand better and know why the girl may be acting weird or just be willing to talk about feelings and emotions more than guys do idk. May not be the best advice but I've learned that it helps me just seeing things from different sides and also helping people with their struggles at the same time

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