i have a question. how do you find out you have ADHD? I think I have ADHD but in not sure. what are the symptoms?

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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  • Nae99


    I did a lot of research and then had an evaluation done...then no one told me for years that I had it. A psychiatrist found it in my history and was like did you know. I had my suspicions but didn't know I had been diagnosed. So...I guess short answer research and doctors.

  • Atheris


    Same! I had to figure it out on my own since I was told "girls don't get that". I watched YouTube videos of creators with ADHD, and lectures from professional psychiatrists. You eventual go get a formal evaluation to get meds. But that's harder because of cost.

  • Futuremuffin


    I had a therapist at the time and she also had adhd and recognised it in me and I was able to get diagnosed. Maybe consider if anyone else in ur family has it that’s a big clue (after I got diagnosed my mum and my brothers also got diagnosed 😂) also maybe if u have an older figure in ur life who has it u cld ask them if they think they have it. Or even ask a friend or anyone how their adhd symptoms manifest in their day to day life and see if there are any similarities. If u r in the uk there are various ways to get free diagnosis w/o waiting for years and years. Lmk if u want to know them.

  • WitchyWoman89


    Biggest issues for me are trouble focusing, memory problems, and having trouble finding a very common word in my brain. Literally I'll try to ask my husband for the milk and I can't think of the work milk, I spend several minutes describing the thing before I find the word (the aftermath of covid made this worse). Another thing is what some people call object permanence but that's not really what it is, for me I know for a fact a thing exists in my house but if it's not exactly where I left it I can't find it. Even if I personally reorganize things it takes me weeks to remember where everything is.

    • Atheris


      Could be the classic ADHD/ASD combo. It sucks because it feels like they feed off each other.

  • beater.queen


    Diagnosises require a professional. This can be done by a physchiatrist or psychologist. A psychologist is a better option because they are more trained in issue spotting than psychiatrists.

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