Posts on Alike for August 2023

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  2. Concerns about Blood in Stool and Other Symptoms
  3. Struggling with Menopause Weight Gain: Need Support
  4. Struggling with Walking Up Hills and Breathing: Need Advice
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  7. Advice on Flying with POTS: Need Help!
  8. Seeking Advice: Partner's Reaction to Phalloplasty Surgery
  9. Brain Cramping and Burning After Sumatriptan: Anyone Else?
  10. The Relationship Between Caffeine Intake and Diabetes: Exploring the Link
  11. Dealing with Severe Joint Pain in Hands and Ankles
  12. Seeking Advice on Fertility Treatment Options
  13. Managing heds Diagnosis: What Should I Do?
  14. Dealing with Memory Problems at Work: Any Tips?
  15. Best Time to Take Citalopram for Improved Sleep?
  16. Dealing with Crashes: Seeking Advice and Tips
  17. Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts: Need Suggestions!
  18. Seeking Tips for hEDS and Shoulder Pain/Instability
  19. Seeking Advice on Medical Transition for Trans Men with PCOS
  20. Panick Attacks with Hashimoto's Disease: Seeking Advice
  21. Undesirable Symptoms Caused by Taking Lexapro
  22. Coping with Little or No Sleep: Tips and Advice
  23. Taking Care of My Body as a Dancer with EDS: Tips Needed!
  24. Struggling with Depression and Anxiety: Seeking Advice on Socializing
  25. Botox Injections for Migraine Treatment: Any Experiences?
  26. Feeling Misdiagnosed with bPD, Could it be ADHD?
  27. Preparing for a Doctor's Appointment: Tips and Advice
  28. Seeking Diagnosis and Treatment for Auditory Processing Disorder
  29. First time getting an EMG, disappointed with the results
  30. Autism and Emotional Relationship with Food: Strange Reactions and Loss of Hunge…
  31. Understanding the Benefits of a National Disability Card and Blue Badge
  32. Need help with boosting energy levels and motivation
  33. Do autistic individuals often overlook their own experiences?
  34. Concerns about Blood after Ovarian Cyst Rupture
  35. Dealing with PCOS and Fainting: Seeking Advice
  36. Severe Abdominal Pain During Menstruation: Possible Endometriosis?
  37. Seeking Relief for Diabetic Neuropathy in Feet
  38. Dealing with Separation and Emotional Rollercoaster
  39. Denied Disability, Seeking Legal Help
  40. Preparing for an Autism Assessment: What Do I Need?
  41. Seeking Information on ADHD Medication Questionnaire in the UK
  42. Struggling with Strattera and POTS flare, need advice
  43. Can IBS Cause Nausea and Vomiting?
  44. Looking for advice on mushroom coffee and acid reflux
  45. Struggling with Insomnia: Need Medication Suggestions
  46. Experiencing Distortion of Time and False Memories
  47. Concerns about Antidepressants and Side Effects
  48. Need help with OAB and bladder retention
  49. Anyone else experience darting eyes when anxious?
  50. Dealing with Depression and Dizzy Spells
  51. Sudden head pain during sleep, anyone else?
  52. Is Prozac Effective for Severe Anxiety?
  53. Considering Meal Replacement Drinks for Inflamed Esophagus
  54. Waking up gasping for air with panic disorder
  55. Understanding the Overlap between OCD, Autism, and Anxiety
  56. Need help with back and neck pain
  57. Experiencing Dizziness and Fatigue on Lexapro: Anyone Else?
  58. Seeking Advice on Intensive Outpatient or Day Hospital Programs
  59. Best cane for hyperextending joints? Need advice!
  60. Depo Shot and Prolonged Period: Need Advice
  61. Dealing with Stigma and Misunderstanding of Chronic Illness
  62. Seeking Advice on Medicinal Cannabis for Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia
  63. Seeking Advice for Severe Nightly Nausea with Crohn's Disease
  64. Taking Prozac and Buspirone Together: Is it Safe?
  65. Concerns about weight gain from Lexapro and history of anorexia
  66. Taking Ashwagandha with Anxiety Medication: Is it Safe?
  67. Seeking experiences with Venlafaxine
  68. Seeking Connection and Happiness in Life
  69. Memory Loss in Fibromyalgia: How Much is Normal?
  70. Weakness in Face and Jaw with Chronic Fatigue - Anyone Else?
  71. Struggling to Eat: Need Help with Stomach Control
  72. Dealing with Manic Episodes: Seeking Advice
  73. Struggling with Anxiety Relapse: Can Anyone Relate?
  74. Looking for Autism Resources and Support for Autistic Individuals and Their Fami…
  75. How to Determine if I Have a Gluten Intolerance or Red Meat Intolerance?
  76. Coping with Bipolar Depression: How to Pull Yourself Out of the Deep State
  77. Dealing with GERD: Seeking Natural Remedies
  78. Struggling with Nausea on Venlafaxine: Need Advice
  79. Tips for Grounding Yourself and Managing Dissociation
  80. Dealing with Insomnia: How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule
  81. Increase of Tics After Taking Magnesium: Correlation or Coincidence?
  82. Numbing Cream for HS Flares: Any Success?
  83. Struggling with Chronic Pain and Exhaustion: Need Advice!
  84. Positive experiences with antidepressants for anxiety-related rosacea?
  85. Seeking Advice: Talking to Psychiatrist about ADHD Diagnosis and Medication
  86. Concerns about a Left Ovarian Cyst: Seriousness and Treatments
  87. How long did it take for you to feel well on Lexapro?
  88. Dealing with Guilt and Pain: How to Find Relief?
  89. Need advice for oozing flare up on my shoulder
  90. Experiencing Extreme Hair Loss? Need Advice!
  91. Seeking Advice on Alprazolam for Anxiety
  92. Has anyone with narcolepsy tried modafinil? Does it work?
  93. Can I refuse being weighted at the doctor?
  94. Struggling with Symptoms in my Relationship
  95. Questioning my Fibromyalgia diagnosis after learning about EDS
  96. Improving Gut Health for Better Well-being
  97. Seeking Experiences with Lisdexamfetamine for Focus
  98. Overcoming Insulin Resistance: Success Stories and Strategies
  99. Dealing with Anger and Emotional Instability
  100. Struggling with Hypothyroidism and Fatigue: Any Advice?
  101. Seeking advice for severe menstrual symptoms
  102. Can Fibromyalgia Cause Flare-ups Without Pain?
  103. Questioning if I'm experiencing an autism breakdown
  104. Struggling with Chronic Pain: Seeking Recommendations
  105. Looking for feedback on Lexapro and its side effects
  106. Seeking Advice on Dealing with Fibromyalgia and Doctors
  107. Seeking Advice for Extreme Procrastination and Lack of Organization
  108. Can Hypermobility Cause Ankle Pain Without Any Activity?
  109. Prescription Delayed and Denied: Any Similar Experiences?
  110. Managing Cravings and Emotions with PCOS
  111. Abdominal Pain and Flare-up with Lyrica: Concerns?
  112. Concerns about not choosing biologics for treatment
  113. Unexplained Skin Discoloration with Pain - Anyone Experienced This?
  114. Severe Menstrual Pain and Heavy Bleeding: Is it Normal?
  115. Struggling to Fall Asleep Before Important Days
  116. Seeking Reassurance About Going Inpatient at a Mental Health Facility