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Is anybody else on the Depo shot? Bc I got my first shot a month and a half ago and I’m on my period and it’s been 15 days already still on my cycle…. My period is usually only 7 days but very heavy. it’s definitely more light now but the whole point of me being on birth control was so I bleed less but even tho it’s less I’ve been on my period for 2 weeks so it’s like…… I’m still bleeding more than I should. And plus my sensory issues are killing me so I’m very uncomfortable rn and I feel like the shot is affecting my mood/appetite as well

    • emlah


      The thing I found really successful for me was the implant. My periods used to come every 3 months and we're extremely heavy and painful. Now they're no where near as painful and are like 75-80% less heavy. However my sister tried the implant and it was like her period happened non stop. So it's all about finding the right birth control for your body (:

    • cheekss


      hi, i have the same thing ive been bleeding for a month now and provera didnt work and im really weak and dizzy idk what to do

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Based on the experiences shared, it seems that some individuals have experienced prolonged bleeding after starting the Depo shot. One person mentioned bleeding almost every week for about a year after starting the shot, while another mentioned experiencing menstrual symptoms for 2-3 weeks of the month instead of the usual 3-7 days. However, these experiences vary and it's recommended to consult with a healthcare provider if you're concerned about your symptoms.

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